Stipe Miocic Explains Why He’s More Interested in Fighting Tyson Fury Than Daniel Cormier

The expectation has been that Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic are going to throw down for a third time. But, recently the heavyweight champ relayed he's more interested in facing boxing star, Tyson Fury.

Tyson Fury has been making headlines in the MMA world recently, on account of his announcement he plans to take a MMA fight, as well as video footage of him training with Darren Till. Well, Stipe Miocic’s taken notice, and now the UFC’s heavyweight champ’s said he wants to fight Fury in the cage or a boxing ring…

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Fury raises eyebrows throughout combat sports

Not long ago, Fury turned heads in both boxing and MMA, when he said he wants to fight in a MMA bout, and in the not too distant future. Since then, video footage has been shared out of Fury doing some training with the UFC middleweight contender, Till.  Since Fury is one of the biggest names in all boxing, and because he has some potential, massive bouts on the horizon in boxing (like a rematch with Deontay Wilder), it’s been kind of big news…

Miocic wants to throw hands with Fury

Well, in recent weeks, the expectation has been that Miocic is going to fight Daniel Cormier next. After all, they both hold wins over each other, Dana White has said that’s the UFC’s plan, and Cormier has put off his retirement in order to take the fight.

But, while talking to ESPN recently, Miocic distanced himself from the rubber match. While doing so, he made it clear he would love to battle “The Gypsy King” (quotes via MMA Junkie):

“I saw Tyson Fury is coming into the mix now here,” Miocic said. “I like a new challenge… With DC, I didn’t fluke knock him out – I beat him. I decisively beat him. Our first fight, congrats to DC. But he caught me with a punch in the first round.

“There was a lot going on in my mind that night. No excuses, but he beat me. The second fight I won. There’s no taking it away from me. I didn’t get lucky, I just straight outworked him.”

“He’s a talented fighter, so he’s definitely going to have good striking,” Miocic said while discussing Fury. “But anyone can make a (30-second) highlight reel. It’s still good, but I can do that too.”

“… Definitely if he wants to step into the Octagon, I’ll love it. I’ll step in the ring. I’d love to box him. I would love to box him. He’s a great fighter. He’s a good dude and we’d put on a good show.”

So, you can understand why Miocic is interested in facing Fury. It would be a big bout, whether it went down in the boxing ring or Octagon. But, the chances of this fight happening next are slim to none.

Fury hasn’t even fought yet in MMA, so, Miocic would be a huge, huge favorite to win a MMA bout, on account of his wrestling, the fact kicks are allowed etc, etc. In terms of boxing, as noted above, Fury already has potentially massive fights on the horizon for him.

Fury aside, it’s going to be interesting to see how things play out between Miocic and the UFC, if he indeed, doesn’t want to fight Cormier again.

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