Sean Spicer Is ‘Humbled’ By Fan Support, Shouts Out to Donald Trump Jr. For Owning Ladies of ‘The View’

Sean Spicer says he's humbled by DWTS fan support and gave a proper shout out to Donald Trump Jr. for his triumph on 'The View'.

Days after officially making it to the final six on this season of “Dancing With The Stars”, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says he is “humbled” by the support he is receiving from fans. Spicer is also impressed with how Donald Trump Jr. handled the ladies of ‘The View’ earlier this week. So impressed that he hijacked his DWTS interview to give Don Jr. some props and praise!

Spicer ‘Humbled’ By Fan Support

While talking to Fox News host Shannon Bream, Spicer said he “can’t believe” he has lasted this long on the dancing competition.

“I’m truly humbled that people are saying ‘we want you to continue on’ when I’m clearly not the best guy. I am trying to make as much progress as possible every week, but I get it,” Spicer said.

He then went on to address the escalation in backlash at his being on DWTS. Liberals are quite literally losing their minds. Furious that Spicer remains on the show despite receiving low scores from the judges.

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“If you’re upset with that, they should watch another show or the judges should change the format. But, the reality is is that it’s been this way for 28 seasons,” Spicer said, pointing out that the best dancer often does not win “Dancing With The Stars.”

Scoring On “Dancing With The Stars”

The rules of “Dancing With The Stars” dictate that a contestant’s overall score is made up of two things: half of it is the judge’s score for the contestant, while the other half is votes from the public.

This means that while Spicer’s scores from judges may be low, he is getting  so many votes from viewers that he yet to find himself in danger of elimination.

Take that, anti-Trump liberals!

Spicer Takes Time Out to Praise Trump Jr.

Later in the interview, Spicer addressed Donald Trump Jr.’s bombshell appearance on “The View” which took place earlier on Thursday.

During his appearance, Trump Jr. absolutely schooled the liberal cohosts. Don Jr. came prepared and successfully turned the tables on the adversarial panel by fighting fire with fire.

First, he called out Joy Behar for wearing blackface in the past. Next, he called out Whoopi Goldberg for defending child rapist Roman Polanski.

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“Don Trump went in there to the liberal lion’s den and owned them,” Spicer said. “He kind of took it right to them and owned them in a way that no one has on that show before.”

“The thing that’s so interesting is, that’s the nexus of his book,” Spicer added, referring to Trump Jr.’s new book “Triggered.” “He talks about how these guys have such a double standard.”

Spicer has previously said that his goal in appearing on “Dancing With The Stars” is to humanize conservatives, and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Liberals hurl hateful attacks at him left and right, but Spicer has taken the high road from the beginning. Showing the world what a class act he really is.

We hope Spicer’s run on “Dancing With The Stars” continues all the way to the mirror ball trophy!

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