Ryback Thinks Vince McMahon Will Sell World Wrestling Entertainment

Ryback is known for his controversial statements and this is another that can be added to the list. Will Vince McMahon sell up?

Former WWE wrestler Ryback is known for his candid opinions and less than fortunate statements. Now, Ryback has another theory. In fact, he believes that Vince McMahon will sell the WWE. Here are the details.

Vince Making as Much Money as Possible Before Selling?

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According to Ryback, Vince McMahon is no longer interested in making the WWE the successful brand it’s been for so long. He also believes that the current CEO is thinking of selling the company.

“But Vince McMahon is looking at this strictly as, and this is what I believe, he is looking at how he can make as much money as possible where they will eventually sell. I bet you with Fox and Disney and all of this, this was the beginning stages of eventually selling the company. They have also watered down the product where all you have to do is wrestling moves. You don’t even have to know psychology or look the part, you just plug these guys in and say hey, we have a school they learn a bunch of moves and we can put them on TV and this is our business model where you can now take over. You don’t even need us to run it.”

During the interview, Ryback made a point of the fact that the only thing Vince cares about is making money. While there is no denying that Vince is a shrewd businessman, I still struggle to believe that he would sell the company. After all, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon, and the rest of the family are invested in the business. I do not see Vince selling unless the power remains within the family.

Ryback Says There’s A Lack Of Iconic Superstars


No matter your personal opinion on Ryback, you cannot really disagree with his statement. Creating iconic superstars is what helped the WWE beat WCW back in the day. But now it seems nobody is indispensable anymore.

From a business perspective, it is a good idea to make people replaceable. No matter how harsh this may sound, it does reduce some of the power megastars have over the company. Just think about Brock Lesnar and his astronomical paydays. On the flipside, it also means fewer fans tune in.

Some statements made by this former WWE wrestler are certainly on point, but I do not agree with his theory that Vince might be selling. While he will undoubtedly leave the company at some point, I do think that shares will go to his daughter and son.

Changes in the Future?

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With SmackDown on Fox and Raw and NXT on USA Network, changes are afoot within the WWE. While it may not be as drastic as something as selling the company, the WWE needs to look at how to draw fans back into the fold. There is a serious gap between World Wrestling Entertainment and the fans who have been following the company for years. Maybe copying the NXT business model is what the main roster truly needs. What do you think?

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