ATT Owner Talks Jorge Masvidal’s Next Move, Says “Gamebred” Should “Grab The Money”

Jorge Masvidal's star has never been brighter, and ATT owner Dan Lambert believes "Gamebred" should capitalize on that fact and cash in.

Due to Jorge Masvidal’s recent run, the expectation is that the veteran fighter could be next for the winner of the upcoming bout between UFC welterweight champ Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington. But, recently American Top Team owner, Dan Lambert, relayed he thinks “Gamebred” should take a money fight over a title shot.

Jorge Masvidal
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Masvidal’s case for a title shot

Leading up to Masvidal’s bout with Ben Askren at UFC 239 in July, there was talk that the winner would secure a title shot. Masvidal proceeded to take Askren out in just five seconds, and afterward, he said he was going to wait for a championship fight. Masvidal also said, however, that he would love to fight Conor McGregor, and then Nate Diaz called him out.

Well, as you know, Masvidal defeated Diaz at UFC 244, and now the MMA world is waiting to see what’s going to be next for the surging fighter. While talking to Lowkick MMA recently, Lambert had this to say about Masvidal’s next move:

“You know, I think if Jorge were 10 years younger, he’d probably be looking for a title fight next,” Lambert said. “I think at this stage in Jorge’s life and his career I think Jorge wants whatever makes him the most money. So I think Jorge is going to have to wait and see what his options are.”

“If Jorge had the opportunity to wait and fight a Conor McGregor, or if some of this talk gets legitimized about a potential boxing match with Canelo, and Jorge has the opportunity to go make that kind of money, I would strongly encourage Jorge to go grab that money. Because, you know, business, you never know what’s going to happen or when it’s going to happen. You got to grab it when you can.”

It’s an interesting point. Masvidal is 35 now, and there’s no question that a fight with say, McGregor, would deliver him a massive payday. That said, you would think a showdown with his former friend and now rival, Covington, would also pull big numbers.

As far as a boxing match with Canelo Alvarez, however, that just seems really unlikely.

Lambert comments on Masvidal’s win over Diaz

And what did Lambert think of Masvidal’s victory over Diaz? Which came via a third-round TKO, when the doctors ruled Diaz couldn’t continue due to a massive cut over his right eye?

“Jorge wanted to finish the fight. I know Nate is a beast and he wasn’t ever going to quit, but I don’t think that fight was turning anytime soon in a fourth or fifth, sixth or seventh, or 90th round. I think Jorge was going to keep doing what Jorge did until that fight was over.”

Lambert certainly isn’t the only person who has made this argument. Although, Diaz and his supporters see it another way.

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