Top Star Rumored For Babyface Run, WWE Source Slams Eric Bischoff

With the WWE Draft over, a top star is rumored for a babyface run. Also, a WWE source has come out slamming Eric Bischoff's latest run.

Charlotte Flair Rumored For Babyface Run On RAW

With the WWE Draft over, we are starting to get a better picture of the new rosters. While many names are still free agents, all the top drawing superstars have been sent to either RAW, SmackDown or NXT.

On the RAW side of things, Becky Lynch remains champion and the top babyface of the women’s division. In fact, she was the number one draft pick. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Charlotte Flair is set to turn babyface in the near future.

With Becky and Charlotte as the babyfaces, it does leaves RAW without some top female heels. Looking at the current lineup, Asuka could soon be considered the top heel.

Before being drafted to RAW, Charlotte won her 10th title at Hell in a Cell from Bayley; who defeated her for the belt back at Money in the Bank in June. Charlotte’s latest reign was short lived as Bayley is once again wearing the gold.

WWE Source Slams Eric Bischoff’s Recent Run As SmackDown’s Executive Director

WWE Source Slams Eric Bischoff
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A big story this year was Paul Heyman being named the Executive Director of RAW and Eric Bischoff getting the same title on SmackDown. After only a few months, Bischoff was let go from his position.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter spoke to a WWE source, who wanted to remain anonymous, and had nothing positive to say about Bischoff’s second stint with WWE.

“Eric had absolutely no vision and once we were headed into FOX, everything was falling through the cracks,” said the anonymous WWE source. “He messed up multiple times with FOX. Eric also had no stamina for the rigors of the job.”

There were complaints of Bischoff not learning the names of superstars and just not being in touch with the current product. From the beginning of Bischoff’s run, people were not impressed and he seemed to have little to no say about what happened on the blue brand.

With Bischoff out, Bruce Prichard now takes over his spot with Heyman remaining on RAW. Bischoff has been confirmed for the next Starrcast event, so it will be interesting to see what he has to say.

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