Roseanne Barr interview offended by liberal snowflakes and PC-obsessed cancel culture

Roseanne Barr is officially offended too, more specifically, she’s done with the PC-obsessed liberal snowflakes trying to ruin her career. The embattled actress and comedian is making waves with her new interview where she proves once again that she isn’t afraid to call out the liberals in Hollywood and online who drive the new cancel culture and want to whitewash entertainment.

Roseanne Barr “Offended” By Liberal Snowflakes

Men’s Health reported that Barr made her latest comments during an appearance on comedian Joe Rogan’s podcast. Barr admitted to Rogan that since her eponymous sitcom was cancelled last year, she has been afraid to perform because of the “progressives” in the audience who might be offended by the jokes she tells. Roseanne Barr says that she is “offended” every day.

“That’s when you start being not funny,” Barr explained. “Self-censorship, that’s how they want us to be. They want us to always be like: should I say this or shouldn’t I?”

Rogan agreed with her, revealing he himself had been targeted by liberal snowflakes who were offended by his content.

“I’m so glad I’m f****** old,” Barr said, “So I’ll be passing away from this f****** realm soon enough.”

“I’m offended every f****** day of my f****** life at how godd*** stupid people are,” she added in disgust.

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Barr Addresses Her Controversial Tweet

Barr also addressed the controversy that got her show cancelled by ABC in May of 2018 after she tweeted something about Barack Obama’s former advisor Valerie Jarrett that many liberals found to be racist. Afterwards, Barr blamed her tweet on being high on the sleep drug Ambien, and Rogan said he believes the entire scandal was blown out of proportion.

“People need to understand what’s happening there,” he said. “What’s happening there is a genius comic who’s also on Ambien, smoking pot, drinking, and has legitimate brain injury.”

Rogan is referring to the fact that Barr suffered a severe brain injury in a car accident when she was only 16 years-old. that left her in the hospital for six months. Barr then reiterated her apology for the tweet as she also opened up about her struggles with mental illness.

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“I’m sorry for allowing myself to become unwell—mentally—because I worked so hard, I didn’t look out for myself,” said Barr, adding that she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorders. “I’ve got more mental illness than you’re average bear. Mental illness is terrifying. I think this whole thing is gonna move me to start talking more honestly about it. Of all the conversations in America, that’s the most needed.”

Barr Sends Brutal Message To Comedians

The interview ended with Barr sending a brutal message to her fellow comedians.

“Comics, be brave. Stick up for each other. If you guys had stuck up more for me, I think it woulda stopped,” she said. “But you ignored it because you thought: she’s just an old b*tch, anyway.”

Barr has hit the nail on the head with her comments about liberal snowflakes. These days, PC-obsessed liberals can find something to be offended by in virtually anything, and they are ruining things like comedy. Which is not supposed to be taken seriously in the first place. It’s time for these liberals to stop with the PC nonsense and let people like Barr continue her career in peace. Life is so much more enjoyable when you aren’t looking for ways to be offended at every turn.

Roseanne Barr should be offended by this out-of-control cancel culture. I am too.

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