Ronda Rousey Rips Into WWE Superstar + Sasha Banks’ Return

Former UFC champion Ronda Rousey ripped Sonya Deville's MMA experience. Also, Sasha Banks’ return is close following an injury.

Ronda Rousey Calls Out Sonya Deville Over MMA Background

There is no denying what Ronda Rousey accomplished in the UFC and even before that.

Rousey sparked the female division by taking it by storm, leading the charge into the Octagon. She was the first-ever UFC female champion and was in either the main or co-main event for eight pay-per-view events.

All total, those eight events generated over six millions buys, including the final two surpassing the 1.1 million mark.

So when the world of MMA gets brought up to Rousey, she takes any kind of talk to heart. Especially if it involves someone who she isn’t completely sold on.

Enter Sonya Deville, a fellow WWE superstar who currently appears on the reality series Total Divas alongside Rousey.

Sonya Deville Challenges Ronda Rousey On Raw

During a recent episode, Deville was discussing a possible storyline with herself and Rousey to Carmella. Deville competed three times in MMA fights between 2014-15. She never reached the level of the UFC, going 2-1 in those three bouts.

“The storyline that needs to be had right now is me and Ronda,” Deville told Carmella. “My story is ‘(expletive), you came and took my spot.’ Her story is, ‘(expletive) I did it better.”

The idea did not impress Rousey, as she responded “Well, I don’t know if you can really call two amateur fights an MMA background. I’m a professional at conflict, no (expletive) is getting that shit for free out of me.”

Deville, who has been with the WWE since 2015, first appeared on Tough Enough. She started her training at NXT and moved up to RAW in 2017. Her issues with Rousey continued, as she explained what role the former UFC superstar should take.

“When you’re on the top of the pecking order, which is what Ronda is right now, you bring the lower people up,” Deville said. “You don’t put them down.”

Is WWE Planting The Seed For Rousey Vs. Deville?

Rousey did later state that she attempts to stay in-character as much as she can, which could signify a potential feud with Deville. It has been reported that Rousey will return to the WWE in the near future.

Rousey and Deville are part of the Season 9 cast for Total Divas which also includes Naomi, Natalya, Carmella and Nia Jax. Rousey took an extended hiatus from WWE action following her loss at WrestleMania 35 in a triple threat match with Becky Lynch and Charlotte.

Sasha Banks To Return On SmackDown This Week

Sasha Banks

Former champion Sasha Banks is expected to return to action this Friday night on SmackDown from Indianapolis.

According to a report by PW Insider, Banks will be part of the show and return to live events over the weekend in New Jersey and New York.

She was injured during Hell In A Cell vs. Becky Lynch for the Raw women’s championship. Plans for Banks now that she is on SmackDown are unknown at this time. Her most recent tag team partner, Bayley, is the Smackdown women’s champion.

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