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“Man Of God” Demario Davis Wins Appeal Against NFL For Christian Headband

Sometimes the good guys do win, even when battling the NFL. That was proven this week when New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis won his appeal on a $7,000 fine by the NFL for wearing his MAN OF GOD headband during a recent game against the Seattle Seahawks.

The NFL received a lot of blowback from fans regarding this egregious fine. The football league allows political protests against the United States and police officers during the National Anthem, but officials claimed that Davis’ headband proclaiming his faith was violating the rule on personal messages when issuing the fine . The hypocrisy was too obvious for fans not to notice. (Backstory: NFL Fines Saints Player For Wearing Christian Headband [1])

“I didn’t get the specific reason why it was overturned. I mean, when you get something like that overturned and you get $7,000 coming back to you, you ain’t asking too many questions,” he said.

This is a terrific win for those looking who proudly wear their Christianity on their sleeve. People were not silent when this absurd fine was issued and the NFL had to deal with the situation rather than sweep it under the rug.

Since he doesn’t have to pay the fine to the NFL, Demario Davis [2] is going to put that money to good use. This Man of God will be instead giving the amount he was initially fined to St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi, which is near his hometown of Brandon, Mississippi.

Demario Davis Raised Over $30k For Hospital

In fact, Davis has used this attack on expressing his Christian faith to help out the hospital on a serious level. He began selling MAN OF GOD and WOMAN OF GOD headbands [3] and donating one hundred percent of the proceeds to St. Dominic’s to help them build a new Emergency Room. Davis said the $25 headbands have raised over $30,000 for this cause.

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I accept the fine but the mission continues! Obstacles are made to be conquered and I'm here to serve!!! We all can. Me, my family, and my headband are partnering with @stdomhospital so that 100% of proceeds can help save lives. You in?! #ManOfGod You can get your headband and help me support St. Dominic’s by going to: bit.ly/56manofgod (link in bio) [4]

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“We’ve been able to turn it into a positive and use it to raise funds for a hospital that’s trying to rebuild this emergency room. And just to have the support of the community — and pretty much nationwide — it’s been amazing,” Davis said. “And then on top of that, being blessed to win the appeal and be able to take those funds that I was already counting as a loss and further contribute to the cause, it’s just a major blessing. And I don’t take it for granted.”

MAN OF GOD Inspired An Entire School

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WOWWW look at this!! So my agent just told me that I won my appeal and won't have to pay the headband fine!! Then I see that St. Louis King France came together today to support the movement! Won’t he do it! Look at all these beautiful children of God! Always glory above so I’m taking every penny of that original $7,017 fine and donating it to @stdomhospital anyways. So far, we’ve raised over $30,000 for them from the headbands!! That means yall helped me turn a $7,000 negative into an almost $40,000 positive benefiting people who truly need it!!! Do y’all see how that worked?? Let’s gooooo. That’s crazy! Ya’ll are a part of this journey too!! I can’t thank ya’ll enough either. We on a mission over here obstacles are meant to be conquered!! I’m truly blessed as anybody. We’re restocked on the site with more #ManOfGod and #WomanOfGod color options and have added #ChildOfGod. If you haven’t purchased yours yet or didn't get the color you wanted, donations will continue to go to @stdomhospital so now is the time to stock up! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! #ManOfGod #WomanOfGod #ChildOfGod #WhoDat #TheSaintsAreTheBestTeam Get your headband at: bit.ly/56manofgod (link in bio) [6]

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Davis inspired an entire school to loudly proclaim their faith. Students at St. Louis King of France Catholic School in Metairie, Louisiana made their own headbands. The local news profiled the school, further elevating Davis’s message of Christianity. Video of that is below.

Demario Davis showed us how to fight back against attacks on Christians and religious freedom in America. Davis is a shining example, exhibiting faith and strength and class in the face of persecution. In doing so, he has inspired thousands of people to do the same.

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