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Daniel Cormier Comments on Cain Velasquez’s UFC Exit & Move to WWE

It looks like we may never see Cain Velasquez throwing hands in the Octagon again, and while the thought of that makes Daniel Cormier [1] sad, he’s happy about his friend’s newfound success in professional wrestling.

Image Credit: UFC / YouTube

Velasquez’s move to WWE

A little while ago, Velasquez turned heads in MMA, by performing on a couple of wrestling cards for Lucha Libre AAA. Morer recently, Velasquez showed up at WWE’s “Smackdown” debut on FOX and proceeded to have an exchange with fellow former UFC champ, Brock Lesnar. Since then, it’s been confirmed that Velasquez has informed the UFC that he’s left the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) testing pool [2] and that he’s committed to pro-wrestling.

In addition, Velasquez has also reportedly told the media that his MMA “chapter” has been closed.

Cormier comments on Velasquez’s decision

Well, more recently Cormier spoke with MMA Fighting [3], and while talking about Velasquez’s WWE deal, the former champ said this:

“It’s a sad day when Cain Velasquez retires. But I know that he is doing something that he loves,” Cormier said. “I remember watching him at [WWE] Elimination Chamber and you can see that this was something that he could love, I am not sure he ever fell for something faster, well except for when he met [his wife] Michelle.

“I’m very happy for Cain and Michelle and the kids. But the biggest winner in this whole deal is the WWE Universe, they are in for a treat watching Cain perform. I’m excited to see the program between him and Brock. Congratulations to my brother. Exciting times.”

If you are an old school or hardcore MMA fan that it isn’t sad news that we may never see Velasquez fight again. During Velasquez’s peak powers, and before his career was sidetrack by a rash of various injuries and surgeries, many believed he would establish himself as the greatest heavyweight of all time.

Velasquez had cardio for days, dangerous kickboxing and of course, top-tier wrestling. But, since 2015, the heavyweight has only fought twice and he’s coming off a quick, stoppage loss to Francis Ngannou in February.

Now, it should be noted that you just never know. Maybe we will see Velasquez back in the Octagon at some juncture.  Velasquez could get the itch to fight again and we’ve see the UFC and WWE work together to have Brock Lesnar fight.

If not, Velasquez will hang up the MMA gloves have gone 14-3.