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CM Punk Open To In-Ring Return + FOX “Moving On” From Punk?

CM Punk Actually Open To An In Ring Return?

CM Punk Possibly Joining New WWE Show

In something of a curveball, apparently CM Punk [1] is actually amenable to an in-ring return after all.

Punk, who left WWE in 2014 for a (really bad) run with the UFC, along with some movie roles, recently spoke out to clarify things. It had been a long-held belief by many that Punk was never going to return as a wrestler. Though as evident by the constant chants every week, there are plenty of WWE fans who still hope he returns.

Punk was recently a guest on a Barstool Sports podcast [2], and he discussed getting interest from both AEW, WWE and even from Master P, who recently acquired House of Glory.

With names like Brock Lesnar [3], The Undertaker [4], Randy Orton and even HHH and HBK working very limited schedules (thanks in large part due to the Saudi Arabia deal).

Here’s just a smattering of what fans think about CM Punk and his possible return to the ring:

In the interview, Punk did not rule out a return to the ring. While it’s no sure thing, especially considering he hasn’t worked a major wrestling match in nearly six years.

And, the WWE in particular does have a few more “part time” Superstars now.

Could Punk be next in that line?

Fox moving on from Punk as on air talent for WWE Backstage?

Will CM Punk Return + Is Cain Velazquez Coming To WWE?

It may end up being a good thing that CM Punk is open to a return to the ring. [11]

We’ve covered previously how Punk auditioned for, and was being seriously considered for, a role on WWE Backstage which is the new, forthcoming FS1 show that will cover all things WWE.

The show is going to be initially hosted by Renee Young and Booker T [12], but whether Fox was looking to add a third, swap out one of those others, or use someone else in a different capacity, we don’t know.

But, we do know that other WWE Legends have been screen tested, along with people such as Taz and Punk.

According to Fightful Select, however, recently it seems that Fox executives in charge of the show have moved on from Punk. It isn’t clear if it was actually a mutual decision, a reflection of Punk wanting to be back in the ring, or anything else.

It’s also worth mentioning that, in this kind of thing, executives can cool on a name one week, before warming up and signing them a few days later.