10 X-Men Deaths that Can Now be Undone in Marvel Comics

Now that just about any mutant that has ever existed can literally be resurrected, which deceased X-Men will we see in the Dawn of X?

With the assistance of the ‘Five’ (Goldballs, Hope Summers, Proteus, Tempus, & Elixir) Krakoa has been essentially giving new life to as many mutants as they can- as quickly as they can. Since the beginning of their efforts, they’ve gone from a couple of hundred residents to numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Throughout the Powers of X series, it was revealed that Professor-X and Magneto secretly tasked Mister Sinister with cataloging and storing the genetic information of every mutant in existence… So, there is a lot to come still. Enough to possibly populate two or more landmasses and possibly other celestial bodies such as the Moon and Mars. Most of those that fall into their “resurrection protocols” were from the various mutant massacres, especially the victims of Genosha. However, those aren’t the only mutants that tragically met their end. Here’s a list of 10 (or more) that deserve, or will probably end up with a second shot at life!

10. Thunderbird

10 X-Men Deaths that Can Now be Undone

John Proudstar is the original Thunderbird, and the older brother of James Proudstar, also known as the classic X-Force member, Warpath. Thunderbird debuted in 1975 alongside the new wave of X-Men which included Storm, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Colossus. The team was formed to assist Xavier in rescuing his original team of X-Men which had been captured by Krakoa. Though successful, Thunderbird’s time with the X-Men was short-lived.

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10 X-Men Deaths that Can Now be Undone

He was defiant, arrogant and often disobeyed orders which led to his death by way of an exploding jet. His death would later influence his brother to join the Hellfire Cub’s version of the New Mutants to seek revenge on the X-Men. Recently, it was revealed that Mister Sinister acquired his X-Gene from John. When and why is unknown but Mister Sinister being appointed as part of the Quiet Council, John may be returning sooner rather than later.

9. Alchemy

10 X-Men Deaths that Can Now be Undone

A lot of unnecessary things went down between the end of Secret Wars and ResurrXion. This was the era of X-Men stories when Marvel Comics was more than ever pushing their mutant characters to the rear of the bus. In a very obvious way, they were using two Terrigen Mist clouds to eliminate and replace them with their other sub-species of superhumans, the Inhumans. Thank goodness no one cared enough about Black Bolt, Medusa, and their various subjects to sustain a large line of books. Realizing that they were backing the wrong horse, Marvel took steps to undo their mistakes.

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10 X-Men Deaths that Can Now be Undone

The first phase began by revealing the circumstances of Cyclops’ mysterious death. During the story Death of X, Cyclops decided that at least one of the Terrigen Mist clouds had to be destroyed. This is why he called upon Alchemy; a mutant with the ability to change the chemical make-up of any substance. Alchemy was flown up to one of the Terrigen clouds and quickly rendered it harmless. Sadly, having needed to maintain prolonged contact with the cloud, it also caused his death. Alchemy was seen as a hero to mutant-kind. Krakoa may want to thank him by giving the young man a new chance at life.

8. Sway & Petra

10 X-Men Deaths that Can Now be Undone

Sway and Petra were part of Professor Xavier’s first attempt to save his captured X-Men from Krakoa. The team also consisted of the young mutants, Darwin, and Gabrielle Summers, aka Vulcan. The team was all but wiped out by Krakoa. Sway could manipulate time, while Petra could control the earth. Sway died when a Golem creature ripped her in half, while Petra was burned alive. The team did manage to save Cyclops, but only Vulcan and Darwin survived the ordeal, albeit left in a makeshift cocoon for decades. Xavier was mortified and covered up the whole incident in shame. The team was originally under the tutelage of Moira MacTaggert. With the resurrection protocols in effect, there’s a great chance this tragic incident may be corrected.

7. Esme & Sophie Cuckoo

10 X-Men Deaths that Can Now be Undone

When the Stepford Cuckoos first debuted as part of the New X-Men class, they were a set of five; Celeste, Esme, Irma, Phoebe, and Sophie. Though they referred to themselves as Five-in-One, in reality, they were five of a thousand or more clones. All grown from the ova of Emma Frost. They originally intended to become bio-weapons to, of course, eradicate their fellow mutants via telepathic-attack. Eventually, the five ‘sisters’ were enrolled in the Xavier Institute and tutored personally by Emma Frost herself.

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10 X-Men Deaths that Can Now be Undone

During a riot created by Quintin Quire and his Omega Gang, Sophie, while under the influence of a mutant drug, died stopping Quire. Later after defecting to the Brotherhood of Mutants, Esme is murdered by Xorn. From that point forward, the Cuckoos referred to themselves as the Three-in-One. Currently, they function as envoys of the Krakoan government, often accompanying state officials such as Magneto and Emma. It’s not hard to imagine these two returning to the land of the living.

6. Skin


10 X-Men Deaths that Can Now be Undone

After the events of M-Day, millions of mutants found themselves powerless. Many didn’t survive the transition as their bodies weren’t prepared for the change, or perhaps were actively using their powers to do things such as fly. Another reason for rampant death were the machinations of men that predated on them now they that were essentially defenseless. This much the case when the Purifiers hunted and kidnapped a dozen or so mutants including Skin, Husk, Jesse Bedlam, and Jubilee. They and many others were left crucified upon the X-Mansion lawn.

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10 X-Men Deaths that Can Now be Undone

Husk and Jubilee were saved by the healing effects of Angel’s blood, however, both Skin and Jesse perished from their injuries. Skin was one of the original members of Generation-X, an X-Men training program formed under Emma Frost and Banshee after the Phalanx Covenant. He was one of the more beloved members of the Gen-X class. His death was taken hard by Jubilee and the rest of the X-Men as it rang in a new era of mutant suffering at the hands of man.

5. Samuel “Sammy” Pare

10 X-Men Deaths that Can Now be Undone

One of the more tragic stories in the X-Men catalog, Sammy’s mutant ability to breathe underwater came with the appearance of a fish. Scales, gills and all. Because of his freakish appearance Samuel was viciously ridiculed by his classmates and almost resorted to using a gun on them. Luckily, before the situation escalated, he was approached by Professor Xavier to join the Xavier Institute. On the way to the mansion, Xavier, Sammy along with Beast stopped in Ireland. While there, though not an active team member, Sammy saved the Juggernaut from drowning.

10 X-Men Deaths that Can Now be Undone

The action created a bond between the two, and they became close friends. Fast-forward several months, Marko feigned interest in rejoining the Brotherhood of Mutants to gather information on them for the X-Men. Sammy, unaware of Marko’s intentions, thought his friend was a traitor when he mistakenly discovered him meeting with the villains in secret. The child was found and then quickly murdered before Marko’s eyes by Black Tom Cassidy.  Cassidy is slated to be part of the new X-Force team. Now that he has regained his humanity and harbors deep regret for his action, maybe Sammy will be given a reprieve?

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4. Wing

10 X-Men Deaths that Can Now be Undone

Wing was a student of the Xavier Institute that had the power to fly. He loved abilities and revered being a mutant. Wing enrolled in the school with the singular hope of someday becoming an X-Man. At the moment, the X-Men were battling an extra-dimensional being named Ord from the “Breakworld,” as well as the threat of a mutant cure being deployed as a weapon. Ord eventually infiltrated the X-Mansion and while there he forcefully administered a version of the cure to Wing. It permanently robbing him of his powers. He survived his ordeal with Ord but was left in a deep state of depression.

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10 X-Men Deaths that Can Now be Undone

Around the same time, the Danger Room had gained sentience (well, it gained sentience years before… long story) and possessed nothing but contempt for the X-Men for being ‘enslaved’. The A.I. (Danger) disguised itself as Wing’s friend, Armor, and convinced him to jump off of a simulated cliff face. Wing’s death could be seen as one of the great failures of the X-Men, especially to Kitty Pryde who was his direct instructor. If she does become a member of the Quiet Council, there’s a chance she’ll try to make things right for her deceased protégé.

3. Cable

10 X-Men Deaths that Can Now be Undone

Yes, there is still a teenaged version of Nathaniel Dayspring Summers running around the 616, but he didn’t get there without dirtying his hands. Upon arriving in the present timeline, Teen Cable murdered his older self in cold blood but rationalized it as “decommissioning” him. Whether the original Cable qualifies under the resurrection protocols is unclear. Technically, he’s alive. If that’s the case then the Original 5 X-Men that were sent back to the past may also come in under those terms (I hope not). What about all the alternate reality versions of characters that have died or erased from existence? Perhaps it’s best not to open that can of worms.

2. Synch

10 X-Men Deaths that Can Now be Undone

Everett ‘Synch’ Thomas debuted during the 1994 Phalanx Covenant storyline and became a founding member of Generation X. He was blessed with the ability to copy the powers of any mutant within a given radius of himself by way of a bio-energy field. He was well-liked by his teammates with implications of becoming an X-Men leader and was also a fan-favorite of the time. Synch was by nature brave and courageous, but not obnoxiously so. During a crisis in which Emma Frost’s sister had planted bombs around the Gen-X academy, Synch and his instructor Banshee were tasked with finding and disarming the explosives.

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10 X-Men Deaths that Can Now be Undone

Synch, having gone off on his own, found one last bomb, but had no way of disarming it immediately. With people still within the vicinity of the blast Synch copied the powers of his lover, Monet. However, she was still not quite close enough for a complete download of her powers. He was able to copy her super strength, which allowed him to throw the bomb, but not her invulnerability which would have saved him from the explosion. Synch died in her arms as a hero. M, having gone through the resurrection protocols herself, may campaign for the same for Everette eventually.

1. The Purifier Bus-Attack Victims

10 X-Men Deaths that Can Now be Undone

After M-Day the vast majority of the planet’s mutant population had been rendered powerless. That also went for students and staff of the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning. A student body of thousands was suddenly reduced to only a handful. As the depowered students were being sent home, the institute found itself under attack by William Stryker and his Purifiers. As the bus departed it was hit by a missile killing everyone onboard.

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10 X-Men Deaths that Can Now be Undone

Among the dead included but not limited to; Flubber, DJ, Dryad, Gloom, Kidogo, Network Overlay, Preview, Rain Boy, Rubbermaid, Silicon, Tag, and Tantra. Several of the students died immediately following the attack, but most perished with the initial strike. The bus victims were the first of the day but not the last. Students Wallflower, Icarus, and Quill were also confirmed killed by Striker and/or his Purifiers later. Some of them may have been depowered, but they were essentially mutants, which is why Stryker chose to attack the bus. They deserve a shot at life as much as those who died on Genosha.

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