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Taylor Swift Praises Obama, Slams Republicans, And Says She’s ‘Now Obsessed’ With Politics

In an interview with Rolling Stone [1], singer Taylor Swift peddles her very liberal politics once again by praising former President Barack Obama before going on to vilify Republicans.

For years, Swift remained silent about politics, much to the joy of many of her fans who are sick and tired of getting political lectures from celebrities. However, Swift said in her the interview that she decided to open up about her liberal views. She did this because “really racist, horrific undertones” are “now becoming overtones in our political climate.”

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Taylor Swift Glorifies Obama

Swift then glorified Barack Obama’s presidency in a way that is typical of liberal elites while also explaining why she did not vocally support Hillary Clinton in 2016:

“We were in such an amazing time when Obama was president because foreign nations respected us. We were so excited to have this dignified person in the White House. My first election was voting for him when he made it into office, and then voting to re-elect him. I think a lot of people are like me, where they just didn’t really know that this could happen. But I’m just focused on the 2020 election. I’m really focused on it. I’m really focused on how I can help and not hinder. Because I also don’t want it to backfire again, because I do feel that the celebrity involvement with Hillary’s campaign was used against her in a lot of ways.”

Swift conveniently ignores that during Obama’s “amazing” presidency immigrant children were separated from their families and put in cages at the border. Liberals like Swift frequently say that this was Donald Trump’s doing, but this practice actually started during the “amazing” presidency of Obama.

Swift Vilifies Republicans

Not stopping there, Swift proceeded to vilify Republicans:

“I regret a lot of things all the time. I do think, as a party, we need to be more of a team. With Republicans, if you’re wearing that red hat, you’re one of them. And if we’re going to do anything to change what’s happening, we need to stick together. We need to stop dissecting why someone’s on our side or if they’re on our side in the right way or if they phrased it correctly. We need to not have the right kind of Democrat and the wrong kind of Democrat. We need to just be like, ‘You’re a Democrat? Sick. Get in the car. We’re going to the mall.’”

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Swift Betrays Her Conservative Fans

It’s particularly disheartening to see Swift blast Republicans. As a country music singer, Swift’s original fans were proud conservatives. It was these conservative country fans who got her to where she is today. Yes, now that she has hit it big in the entertainment world, she has sold out and turned her back on them.

It’s unfortunate that Taylor Swift has exposed herself as just another brainless liberal in the entertainment industry. There was a time when it seemed like she might actually be a star who had a good head on her shoulders. But, this interview makes it clear more than ever that this is not the case at all.