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Sean Spicer Defiantly Defends Conservatives As ‘Good People’ While On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is using his platform on “Dancing With The Stars” Season 28 as a champion for America’s conservatives. In a new interview, Spicer described the show as an opportunity for him to show liberal Hollywood that conservatives are “human beings” and “good people” who care about America. That may seem like it goes without saying – but the concept seems to elude most Liberals. Especially those in Hollywood.

Sean Spicer Says Hollywood Shuns Conservatives

Spicer has already faced significant backlash from Liberals for participating in the show. In spite of all that, he told Breitbart News [1] that he hopes his participation sends a message to Hollywood. An industry which he says “largely shuns folks on the right.” [Read Also: Sean Spicer Enjoys Proud Moment After His “Dancing With The Stars” Season 28 Debut] [2]

“If you do end up going all the way here, what do you think the reaction’s going to be and what kind of message do you think that sends?” reporter Matthew Boyle asked him.

“It’s an opportunity– two hours on a Monday night – to not have to think about anything with all the policies and politics going on around the country,” Spicer said, adding that it was a “really good opportunity,” given the many Hollywood snubs of people who are conservative.

Spicer Wants To Show That Conservatives Are “Good People”

“Hollywood largely shuns folks on the right. This is an opportunity to show that we’re human beings. We’re good people. We care about the country, that we’re out there,” Spicer said, going on to add that it shows conservatives are engaged in pop culture.

“And hopefully, it sends the message – especially if people get out there and vote – it really lets them know that there are people out there that aren’t just on the left that watch television and care about those causes– that you know people on both sides of the aisle are good people, that we care about this country and we can’t just shun one side of the political aisle. I hope our side gets engaged out there and really, really sends a message that everybody deserves to go out and enjoy shows and have fun and that’s what the show’s all about.”

Liberals Boycott ABC Over Spicer

This comes after many liberals called for boycotts of ABC for allowing Spicer to be cast on the show:

While he did not specifically use his name, even “Dancing With The Stars” host Tom Bergeron publicly decried Spicer’s casting.

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Above all, it’s sad that we live in a country where conservatives like Spicer are vilified simply because of their political beliefs. We applaud him for having the courage to put himself out there and appear on “Dancing With The Stars,” and we hope that he lasts on the show long enough, just to spite the liberals who are hellbent on taking him down. We’re all pulling for you, Sean!