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NXT TakeOver Changes + WWE Big 4 Scheduling Changes Coming

NXT TakeOver Changes

-Thus far, fans have known that most NXT TakeOver [1] shows happen to coincide with the weekend of a major WWE PPV. There has always been a TakeOver before a Big 4 PPV. At times, WWE has also run a stand alone TakeOver, and sometimes had a TakeOver not in conjunction with a major PPV.

That schedule appears to be changing.

Current reports indicate that the 2020 Royal Rumble will not have an NXT TakeOver [2] the night before, but rather a new Worlds Collide special, which they’ve held before. [3]

While nothing is official, of course, current speculation is that WWE might look to schedule future TakeOvers to occur on the same dates as future All Elite Wresting PPVs. As we’ve seen already, WWE is not against counter-programming, as that’s a big reason for why NXT is going live on USA Network beginning next week.

WWE Big 4 Scheduling Changes Coming

– As mentioned earlier, WWE seems to have some scheduling changes in the cards…and they won’t only be tied to NXT.

It seems that, beginning next year, the company will not look to “take over” a single city or arena for four consecutive nights, as had been the running theme for a while now. If true, this is a mild surprise, considering that even logistically, having four shows out of the same arena for a single run made sense. For example, when SummerSlam was in Toronto [4], TakeOver was in the same arena Saturday evening and then RAW and SmackDown followed on Monday and Tuesday.

Now, the one big change as of a few weeks from now? SmackDown changes nights and networks [5]. However, the move to a new night should not be a problem, since instead of four days ending on Tuesday, it would be four days beginning on Friday.

However, for one reason or another, it appears as though the company may be moving away from that scheduling beginning in 2020.