Leaked poster confirms Wyatt-vs-Fiend at Hell in a Cell

A poster for an upcoming pay-per-view grappling exhibition by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has leaked online, revealing that the main event will see Bray Wyatt square off with his peculiar frenemy, The Fiend.

The match proves that Wyatt and The Fiend are not, in fact, the same person. Kayfabe News erroneously reported earlier this week that, according to several once-trustworthy sources, Wyatt and The Fiend are one and the same. We realize now, due to the upcoming Hell in a Cell bout, that the article’s assertions were incorrect.

hell cell poster
Bray Wyatt (left) will square off against an opponent of similar size, The Fiend, at Hell in a Cell.

Kayfabe News holds itself to the highest standards of accuracy in journalism. We have fired the writer responsible for the incorrect article, and thoroughly doxxed him so he will never work in journalism again.

Pundits are struggling to predict a winner in the Wyatt-Fiend showdown, given that the men have nearly identical physiques, and even share a finishing maneuver, the kissy-rollover-neckbreaker thingy, the name of which has slipped our mind.

According to one backstage source, the match will be officiated by a special guest referee, former NXT talent Husky Harris.


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