Lacey Evans currently in high-speed chase through Alberta trailed by “more than 30” police cruisers

Lacey Evans, a sports-entertainer and Southern belle of WWE fame, is currently speeding down Alberta’s only highway pursued by dozens of Canadian police, hours after posting a video, which has since gone viral, of her verbally berating an office and Canada.

lacey evansWitnesses describe Evans’ perfect blonde hair whipping in the wind as she careens from lane to lane in a 1959 convertible Corvette, with an enormous squad of “Edmonton’s finest” in hot pursuit.

The chase began after Evans, pulled over by an RCMP officer for speeding, tore up her ticket and declared that “Canada is terrible,” all while filming the event with her phone.

That video went viral and was covered by major news networks, because it is so rare for a heel to maintain kayfabe nowadays that idiots actually fall for it.

What the video does not show, however, is that Evans then sped off from the scene, tires squealing as she nearly sideswiped a moose and ran over a roadside maple syrup stand.

The RCMP confirms that “more than 30 cruisers,” which is roughly 70 percent of Canada’s police cars have been tailing Evans for the past 400 miles. It is believed she is making a break for Manitoba, a lawless province populated with criminals on the lam from the law.

A WWE spokesperson denounced Evans’ description of Canada as “terrible,” clarifying that the country is merely “boring.”

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