Proof Judge Jerry Springer Can’t Hold A Candle To Judge Judy

There is a new Judge in TV land and he's pretty familiar. Does NBC's Judge Jerry have what it takes to challenge Judge Judy's daytime courtroom throne?

There is a new Judge in TV land, but he looks pretty familiar. Jerry Springer now dons a robe to make rulings on civil disputes in his new NBC television courtroom show “Judge Jerry”. Imagine the ridiculousness of his infamous “The Jerry Spring Show”, but toss a judge into the mix. With this new show, many are wondering if Judge Jerry will be giving Judge Judy a run for her money.

Judge Jerry vs Judge Judy

The answer is a quick and short one. Nope. There’s not a chance that the talk show host will knock the tough talking Judge Judy off her throne as the undisputed emperor of the television courtroom. RELATED: Judge Judy’s Best One-Liners

“Judge Jerry” is the kind of show that will help boost your ego because you have made better life choices than many of the parties involved. But you might feel like you need a shower after watching. It’s the same brand of audience and “guests” as viewers would see on “The Jerry Springer Show,” but the setting is a courtroom. Needless to say, this diminishes the seriousness and importance of a courtroom. Springer brings the circus mentality we expect from his talk show to the television judiciary.

It wouldn’t be a traditional Jerry Springer show without something inappropriate and on that expectation, Judge Jerry more than delivers. The clip below details a case involving revenge porn that an ex-girlfriend sent to her former love’s mother. Judge Judy would have never have treated these parties with kid gloves as Springer does. But, since much his audience identifies with the plaintiff and defendant, perhaps that affected his ruling.

We expect Judge Judy to be heavy handed when it comes to personal responsibility. It’s easy to imagine that she would have ruled and lectured the parties much differently than the talk show host. Judge Judy doesn’t play ball with idiots like Jerry Springer does. RELATED: Judge Judy Smacks Feminist Mom With The TRUTH!

In the video below, the tough talking Judge Judy takes an entitled brat and her mother to the woodshed. Even though the daughter didn’t have a driver’s license, the mother bought her a car. When the car got parking tickets, the spoiled daughter blamed someone else. Obviously, this is simply not acceptable to Judge Judy and she put this mother/daughter duo on blast.

This classic clip is a prime example as to why she will continue dominating the daytime television courtroom ratings. This is why her show has been on the air for decades. She serves up some serious tough love along with justice.


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