Jorge Masvidal Claims UFC Passed on Conor McGregor Bout to Avoid “Murder Charge”

Jorge Masvidal is set to fight Nate Diaz next, and not Conor McGregor, and "Gamebred's" made some pretty interesting comments on why that is...

It wasn’t long ago when Jorge Masvidal let it be known that he’d be more than happy to fight Conor McGregor, before Dana White shot down “Gamebred’s” proposal. Well, more recently, the welterweight’s made some eyebrow raising comments, about the UFC’s decision…

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Masvidal calls out McGregor

After Masvidal viciously and quickly took out Ben Askren in July, the rugged vet campaigned for a title shot. Masvidal also said, however, that if that couldn’t happen, he’d be down for a bout with McGregor. Since a gazillion fans would love to see that fight, it wasn’t long before White was asked about the possibility of it happening. The UFC President said Masvidal was too big for McGregor (and the latter apparently wasn’t happy about his statements). Now “Gamebred’s” booked to fight Nate Diaz on November 2nd at UFC 244.

Masvidal’s recent comments

Well, in advance of his highly anticipated bout with Diaz, Masvidal’s still fielding questions about McGregor. During a recent episode of ESPN’s “Get up“, Masvidal had this to say, while discussing the fact a showdown with the Irish star didn’t happen (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“That fight…the president deemed it not good because they don’t want a murder charge on them,” said Masvidal. “They’re not going to allow that to happen.”

“The president himself already said it, so I don’t want to go to jail for killing nobody. It’s not what I want to do. I’m here to compete and to keep beating people up.”

“The president said we couldn’t compete because I’m too much man, so that can’t happen,” he said. “We’re different spectrums. [Dana White] is not going to allow that to happen.”

Now, sure, Masvidal went out of his way here to take a dig at McGregor and self promote at the same time. But White did say the fight isn’t happening due to the size difference. All that said, you have to think that if McGregor really, really pushed for a fight with Masvidal, the UFC would move forward with it.

But, there are currently other options for McGregor, at lightweight, like say…Justin Gaethje.

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