Did this retired sports-entertainer make sexually suggestive comments to coworkers in the 1990s?

A former WWE wrestler is in hot water after allegations have emerged that, during his WWE heyday in the 1990s, he made comments of a sexually suggestive nature to coworkers, fans, inanimate objects, and pretty much everything else.

Valentino “Val” Venis is the latest in a slew of celebrities and public figures to have been accused of inappropriate workplace conduct — in his case, hissing “Hellooooo ladieeessss” in a lascivious manner, wearing a towel to work, and constantly uttering thinly veiled sexual puns.

According to his accusers — who, for the sake of anonymity, have been identified only as T. Stratus and Terri R. — Venis repeatedly made comments that alluded to the size of his reproductive organs, and gyrated his hips seductively on a near-nightly basis.

His behavior became so lewd that, at one point, a Japanese colleague nearly castrated him with a sword, vowing in broken English to “choppy choppy” his “pee pee.”

Venis apparently realized the error in his lecherous ways in 2000, when he abruptly eschewed all the sexual innuendo and became an advocate for puritanical censorship.

New allegations have emerged, however, that one of his colleagues in that group, The Goodfather, was once a pimp who described female colleagues as a “Ho Train.”

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