Daniel Bryan Plans + AEW-NXT + Ricochet-KOTR Plans?

Daniel Bryan seemed to take a babyface beating on SmackDown, but what are his future plans? What's the intent behind NXT taking on AEW?

Daniel Bryan’s Future Program Plans

-Over the past few weeks, there had been plenty of speculation about where Daniel Bryan and Rowan were heading.

Just before SummerSlam, it seemed we’d get the pair in a tag match against Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns. That failed to materialize.

Then the whodunit angle about who had been attacking Roman Reigns unraveled with a somewhat underwhelming reveal that it was Rowan, not Daniel Bryan.

Bryan snapped at Rowan on last week’s SmackDown. On this week’s, Rowan returned the favor, taking out both Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns.

In spite of this, a move that would surely seem to gain Bryan some sympathy and perhaps foreshadow a babyface turn, it seems that at least for the time being, a Bryan versus Reigns program is still in the cards.

The Reason For AEW Against NXT

-Now that WWE has finally made official the move of NXT to a two hour live Wednesday show, there’s a lot going on in wrestling it seems.

Anyone can see that the Wednesday live NXT show will be going head to head with the soon-to-debut All Elite Wrestling weekly program.

In a declaration straight out of the Captain Obvious-is-obvious camp, Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer pointed out that the chief reason behind the NXT move is to hurt AEW.

Something tells me that no wrestling fan is surprised.

Ricochet-King of the Ring Plans?

-In a bit of a surprise, Ricochet and Samoa Joe fought to an inconclusive end on RAW this past Monday. This meant that neither man was victorious in their King of the Ring quarterfinal bout.

While tournament semifinalist Baron Corbin felt the result would give him a bye into the finals, WWE had other plans. The Semifinal match will happen, with it now being a triple threat.

Apparently, per Meltzer, the idea behind this match is to get Ricochet over.

Whether that means he looks awesome against two more physically imposing Superstars and wins, or looks good but loses, remains to be seen.

A Ricochet win Monday would seem to make an Elias win on Tuesday more likely.

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