BREAKING! WWE refuses to reduce Corbin footprint; also, Young Bucks to WWE?

As world leaders gather in New York City for a UN Climate Summit (except for WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump, who is busy dealing with the whistleblower scandal), a new report reveals that WWE has failed to uphold its promise to reduce Corbin emissions.

If anything, WWE’s Corbin footprint is bigger than ever, given the recent coronation of Baron Corbin (real name Sacha Baron Cohen) as the company’s new monarch.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in a busy week of sports-entertainment news.

In other stories: a former WWE star shocked fans at a recent indy wrestling event, the Young Bucks are headed to WWE, and we reveal what the letters “NXT” actually stand for. Watch our Pulitzer-winning (and, eventually, Slammy-winning) newscast for all the details:


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