The WWE Superstars With The Best Entrances In History

A good entrance can make a WWE superstar and get us excited for an upcoming match. But, which superstars have the best entrances in history?

There is nothing quite like a good entrance. If you love the drama and gravitas of wrestling, then you probably put some additional value on a wrestler’s entrance.

Over the years, we have seen some amazing entrances, but also some less impressive creations. But which are the WWE superstars with the best entrances in history? Read on to find out!

1. “WWE’s Permanent Resident” The Undertaker

When mentioning wrestlers with the most iconic entrances, The Undertaker needs to take the number one spot. After all, he did not need the most impressive music. All he needs to make an impression is smoke, artificial lighting, and his own imposing self. His entrances have struck fear in the heart of many opponents and I cannot say I blame them.

2. “Classic WWE” Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan’s entrance might not be the flashiest in the bunch, but he is a wrestling icon with the most recognizable theme music within the WWE. Possibly one of the biggest stars to ever go from wrestling to mainstream – except for The Rock – he could not be missing in this overview.

3. “The Millennium Man” Chris Jericho

I have always had a soft spot for Chris Jericho, but for once this ranking is not me being bias. After all, Chris Jericho enjoyed one of the biggest pops upon his arrival in the WWE. His millenium countdown entrance has been one of my personal favorites for many years.

4. “The Biggest WrestleMania Entrance Man” Triple H

When it comes to going all out with entrances in the WWE, Triple H is certainly the man to beat. When he is not busy at NXT, he does grace us with an occasional presence at WrestleMania and some smaller storylines in between.

Even in the day where his entrances were simple alongside Chyna, I always got excited when Triple H came out. His entrances, alongside his wife Stephanie McMahon, I also count among some of the best. So, his position in this list was all but secure from the start.

5. “The Texas Rattlesnake” Stone Cold Steve Austin

Like Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold’s entrance is not the flashiest in the bunch. However, the breaking glass is so iconic as it gets one of the biggest pops every time it is heard. So, a worthy number five for one of the most popular superstars of all time!

NXT’s Winner(s) – Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole Tie!

I wanted to pick a winner from NXT, but I could not decide between Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole. So, NXT has two winners in my book.

Johnny Gargano has a great entrance on his own, which is upbeat and exciting. Every time you hear it, you are bursting with excitement. Of course, you cannot forget about the old DIY entrance either, which is also amazing!

Adam Cole was a big phenomenon before he joined NXT. He is set to be a major star on main roster WWE, but for now he is gaining lots of gold on NXT. Who can resist “Adam Cole Bay Bay”?

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