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SmackDown Fox Debut Gets Bigger + Former Champ Takes Shot At Goldberg

-Everyone should know by now that SmackDown Live is moving this fall [1]. The show is moving from The USA Network to Fox [2], and in doing so is changing nights from Tuesdays to Fridays. The move takes place October 4,

If changing networks and nights wasn’t big enough, the first show for SmackDown Live on Fox is getting a bit bigger. WWE announced that, to coincide with the debut show on Fox, the blue brand will be celebrating it’s 20th anniversary.

While it’s not exactly the show’s 20th, it’s close enough.

One thing to watch-WWE and Fox have been trying to get The Rock [6] to show up for a bit now. That debut show just happens to be in Los Angeles, which isn’t all that far from Hollywood. Should the big movie star happen to be in town for one of his projects around the same time, it certainly would make a much-desired cameo a bit easier to manage.

-Plenty of people took shots at Goldberg (and The Undertaker [7]) following that terrible main event performance at the last show in Saudi Arabia. That criticism was somewhat justified.

Now, however, a former champion is taking shots at Goldberg following his vastly improved showing from SummerSlam.

Jack Swagger, a former champion and now MMA fighter, took to social media to vent.

While Swagger might not be wrong in his points, the rub is this-fans generally seemed to like Goldberg’s work last night, even at the expense of somewhat burying Ziggler. Considering Ziggler hasn’t been getting a main event push lately, however, one can wonder how much the match really could have hurt Dolph.