Rumors are swirling that Prince William and Prince Harry are feuding after it was announced that they will be staying in different homes during their upcoming visit with Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral Castle.

William and Harry Stay at Separate Homes

Fox News reported that while Harry and his wife Meghan Markle will be staying at the castle, William and Kate Middleton will be staying in their own cottage named Tam-na-Ghar, which is on the grounds of the estate. Many have been saying that this adds credence to the rumors that the brothers are feuding, but the source said that staying separately is actually a good move for the family.

“The queen has a lot of guests coming and to ease the pressure the Cambridges are likely to stay in the cottage,” the source claimed. “That could have added benefits for everyone as it means more space in the castle.”

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Other guests who will be there at the same time are Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex, along with their two children, and Princess Anne. Prince Charles and his wife Camilla will also be there staying at Birkhall, which was the late Queen Mother’s house on the grounds of the estate.

“It can get quite busy at what they call ‘the big house’ and it’s not especially relaxing even though it’s a holiday,” the insider said. “There’s a daily routine which evolves around mealtimes, several outfit changes every day, sometimes five, and the queen likes everything to run like clockwork. The focus is on being outdoors and in the countryside walking, grousing, fishing and hunting.”

Queen Elizabeth’s Strict Rules

Perhaps this move was also made because Queen Elizabeth is known for being strict when it comes to house rules.

“It’s the one time when the queen is mostly off duty,” explained royal historian Hugo Vickers. “The queen loves her annual visit when she can stay in the same bed for weeks on end instead of moving around. Although her work goes on… it is a more gentle pace for her and her time is largely her. The aides reduce the papers she has to read to just a few before lunch and tea so that she has plenty of time with her family.”

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“She loves to teach the little ones to ride and talk,” he added. “The queen is very much an outdoors person. She usually rides every day and her groom comes to Balmoral with her. [The family] will all be on their best behavior. The queen enjoys having her family around. She’s a grandmother and a great grandmother and she loves having her family come to stay with her.

Will William and Harry Make Up?

Rumors have been swirling about a feud between William and Harry ever since the latter’s marriage to Meghan. While that may still be happening, this also could just be a sign that the brothers want their space. If they are indeed feuding, we hope that they will put their issues aside and get along at some point in the future. Life is too short for feuds, especially with family members.

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