Olivia Newton-John Gives Fans Devastating Cancer Update

Olivia Newton-John has battled cancer for years now and recently let fans in on the truth about her cancer.

Actress and singer Olivia Newton-John, best known for starring in the classic movie Grease, just spoke out in a new interview to give fans an update about her battle with cancer after being diagnosed with a third round of breast cancer last year.

The Mirror reported that Newton-John, 70, just made the devastating announcement that she does not know how much longer she has to live.

“When you’re given a cancer diagnosis or a scary illness diagnosis, you are suddenly given a possibility of a time limit,” she said. “If you believe the statistics, you’re going to make them happen. If somebody tells you, ‘you have six months to live’, very possibly you will – because you believe that.”

Newton-John Stays Positive

That’s why Newton-John has since decided that for the sake of her mental health, she does not want doctors to tell her how much longer she has. These days, she’s just trying to focus on the positives in life.

“I’m so lucky that I’ve been through this three times and I’m still here,” she said, according to The Independent. “I’m living with it. Every day is a gift, particularly now.”

“Last year in September I was bedbound,” she said when asked how she was doing by Fox News. “I was lucky enough to be in my own hospital in Melbourne. I spent my 70th birthday at my wellness center. It couldn’t have been more wonderful. My nieces and nephews were there, my best friend was there. It was really quite beautiful. And I’m so proud of the center so it’s a great honor to raise funds for it.”

Is Her Cancer In Remission?

Newton-John was then asked specifically if her cancer is in remission.

“I don’t call it remission — I just say I’m living with it. I’m living with it very well,” she said. “To think that you could get rid of every single cell is not really a reality at this point. But I’m feeling great. Things are shrinking. I’m taking a lot of herbs because my husband worked in the Amazon and he’s incredibly knowledgable. And I use cannabis extracts, which has helped me incredibly. They’ve helped me ween off morphine, which I was using for my [cancer-induced pelvis fracture] because I was in a lot of pain. Cannabis will not kill you but these opiates will. I’m an advocate of it, very much so.”

Newton-John’s strength in the face of her cancer battles has been inspiring to millions of fans all over the globe. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she continues this fight of her life.

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