Following Cris “Cyborg’s” win at UFC 240, the former champ’s team posted a video, in which she called on Dana White to “stop lying” about her desire to fight Amanda Nunes again. The footage quickly made headlines, not surprisingly, but Miesha Tate’s not sure the interaction went down the way it was shown.

In recent weeks, White has claimed that “Cyborg” isn’t willing to fight Nunes again, since the latter quickly bombed her out last December. “Cyborg” has repeatedly said that’s not the case, and after she defeated Felicia Spencer last weekend, she confronted White about it backstage.

Well, the former bantamweight champ Tate was asked to weigh-in on the much discussed video, during MMA Tonight. The now retired fighter had this to say (quotes via MMA News):

“It was really edited poor right there,” Tate said. “And I watched his mouth very closely. And, to me, the word “truth” did not look like where they ended. It looked like he was saying, ‘When I’m saying stuff about that, I’m not talking’…and I’m not convinced that the subtitles are accurate and exactly what he said. That’s my stance on it.”

“I think that the video was definitely edited to favor the stance that Cyborg….yeah, I really do. I think the video was horribly edited. Because he was midsentence. He was midsentence, and they just cut it off. And I did not hear the word “truth,” and it was in stride of another sentence. I didn’t get his lips pairing with the word “truth.”

“I could be wrong there….but I encourage people to go on there and check out that video yourself and make a decision for yourself, whether you think that he’s saying ‘truth’ or he’s not…”

Take a look indeed. Even if you don’t think the subtitles are off, or are unsure, it’s true we don’t see how the rest of the conversation went. That doesn’t necessarily mean, of course, that the editor made that cut to make White look bad. But, Tate’s right to question the timing.

All this aside, the consensus seems to be that “Cyborg’s” run with the UFC is probably over. In addition to her issues with White over the Nunes bout, she’s accused the UFC President of bullying.

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