mariah carey president clinton
mariah carey president clinton

Singer Mariah Carey is clearly still in denial about the outcome of the 2016 election, apparently. After meeting up with former President Bill Clinton and twice-failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, she posted a photo calling Hillary “President Clinton.”

“An honor to meet President Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton! Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for our country,” Carey, 49, tweeted.

The Clintons and Mariah Carey were attending the concert of another outspoken Democrat, Barbra Streisand.

Hillary tweeted back: “The honor is ours; it’s not every day you meet a queen.”

Mariah Carey’s politics

In 2016, Mariah Carey expressed her reticence to speak publicly about her political opinions. Although, she’s admittedly used an image of Hillary Clinton as her Twitter avatar.

“It’s so hard because I’m just an entertainer,” Carey said in 2016. “I’m not a political analyst. So I don’t want to be vocal about my true feelings about all of this, but I have them.”

But using the title of “President” for Hillary Clinton since Donald Trump’s election in 2016 is a common thing for many on the left who don’t understand the Electoral College.

To be fair, Hillary Clinton and her team didn’t understand it in 2016, either. Her failure to visit certain states in 2016, despite Bill Clinton’s urging, shows the campaign thought they had the election in their grasp.

Many Democrats, like Mariah Carey, also thought so.

How the Electoral College Works

Regardless of the few million more individual votes Hillary received nationwide than Donald Trump, our presidential system requires a candidate to win states, not just raw votes. A candidate must earn 50% plus one — or 270 — electoral votes to secure the presidency.

The Electoral College is one of the foundational underpinnings of the entire U.S. government as a Constitutional republic.

Democrats also lost the presidency in 2000 because George W. Bush won more electors than Al Gore.

The Electoral College has only gone against the popular vote four times since the establishment of the Constitution. But Democrats losing in the Electoral College twice in 16 years is too much for them.

As soon as Donald Trump secured critical states, like Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, he won. Hillary Clinton’s extra three million in California couldn’t save her second presidential campaign from ultimate failure.

Those on the left who believe the Electoral College should be abolished, call Hillary “President” as they delude themselves with the belief that Donald Trump is an illegitimate president. Essentially occupying the White House that should be Hillary’s.

While Mariah Carey may not want to speak about her politics overtly, calling Hillary “President Clinton” makes clear she believes the Trump administration is not legitimate.

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