liam miley divorce family
liam miley divorce family

Actor Liam Hemsworth filed for divorce from Miley Cyrus because she had been spotted kissing Kaitlynn Carter.

Cyrus Is Caught Kissing Woman

Fox News reported that a source said Hemsworth, 29, was divorcing the 26-year-old Cyrus because she was “being so open about her relationship with Kaitlynn.” And apparently, his family was even more upset than Liam.

“He thought they could work it out, but all those pictures of her and Kaitlynn ended that,” the source explained. “Liam comes from a very conservative family and his family was freaked out by it.”

Cyrus Was Shocked By Divorce

Another source said that the divorce filing shocked Cyrus, who had wanted to work things out.

“They had many happy days together in Los Angeles and now Liam is not around,” the source said. “It’s hard for her to be back in LA without him. This is not the situation that she wanted. She hoped they could figure things out.”

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Hemsworth and Cyrus began dating in 2009 and got married back in December, but she was spotted making out with Carter hours before their split was announced. Though Cyrus was seen “basically having sex” with Carter in the days after the split, another source claimed that she “didn’t want to hurt” Hemsworth. A different insider spoke out to say that Hemsworth’s family was happy about their split.

“Liam’s decision to file for divorce is sad, but in the end, it was never going to work,” a source said. “They are too different. Liam never wanted to share Miley with anyone. He loves her and he is far too traditional. He finally realized he just wants to start fresh.”

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Cyrus Releases Song Blasting Hemsworth

After the split, Cyrus released a song hinting that Hemsworth’s love of “whiskey and pills” was to blame for their breakup.

“Her song was her way of telling her story without having to say anything at all. She isn’t trying to bash him, but she wants to be able to share what she’s been going through,” the source said, with another insider adding, “Miley doesn’t talk about Liam much and is not dwelling in the past. She doesn’t want to hide, and her mood has changed drastically. She seems much more relaxed and happy.”

This split has been an absolute mess from the start, regardless of the reasons behind it. Cyrus clearly has some serious growing up to do, so while divorcing her may be hard, it may be in Hemsworth’s best interest to continue moving forward with it. In the end, he’s just better off without her.

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