Grounded Teen Figures Out How to Use LG Refrigerator to Tweet

If a teenager wants to do something badly enough, they will.

They say kids do the darndest things, but teenagers are often the most resourceful. One 15-year-old defied her mother’s edicts and figured out how to tweet from their home’s smart refrigerator.

A Twitter account dedicated to fandom of singer Ariana Grande, known as “Dorothy,” complained on the social media platform that her mom kept taking away her electronics. On Aug. 4, “Dorothy” took to her Twitter account to announce that she wouldn’t be tweeting anymore because of it.

Twitter addiction

“im leaving forever. my mom took my phone. ill miss u all sm. im crying. goodbye,” she tweeted.

The next thing other Twitter users notice is that “Dorothy” is posting on Twitter.

How? Via her parent’s smart LG refrigerator!

“I do not know if this is going to tweet I am talking to my fridge what the heck my Mom confiscated all of my electronics again,” she tweeted.

That’s some commitment to a social media addiction.

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Parenting post-Millennials

Every generation of parents faces old and new challenges with their teens. As a “strong-willed” Millennial child, I tested my parent’s resolve on punishments constantly.

But as with every generation of teens, new technology arises that parents have to familiarize themselves with.

Unlike, my Baby Boomer parents, however, removing and hiding the telephone and cable cords to enforce restrictions are a thing of the past.

Despite Dorothy’s parents taking away her obvious social media devices, the 15-year-old knew her Nintendo was Twitter-ready.

Her mom caught on to her quickly enough. Less than three hours later, the next tweet was from her mom announcing the teen had been caught.

But it just goes to show just how connected at all times Millennials and Post-Millennials are.

Dorothy’s plight came to the attention of other Twitter users and LG, the make of the refrigerator, and the hashtag “FreeDorothy” was born.

Even Twitter has joined the cause.

The official account of Twitter corporate replied to a story about Dorothy with the “FreeDorothy” hashtag.

I don’t know how I got this much support thank you so much to my supporters and @Twitter this is crazy I would be lost without you and given up. I’m trying to get my things back fast so I can thank you properly!

Web-connected appliances

So far, Dorothy’s parent’s are staying strong. Dorothy’s account has only retweeted the LG and Twitter tweets.

Dorothy’s parents must be exasperated and yet amused by their daughter’s antics. However, it shows they’re at least trying to be good parents of their post-millennial teen by enforcing her restriction.

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One does have to wonder whether they love or hate that refrigerator now, though.

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