Goldberg’s Salary, The Usos’ SummerSlam Status

Goldberg is only working part-time with WWE, but that has only helped increase his salary. Also, The Usos' past has caused them to miss SummerSlam.

– WWE has a 10 year deal with Saudi Arabia, which will see about 20 shows produced out of the country. While the deal is only a few years in, the shows are often met with criticism. They are usually not the best events, discrimination has been brought up and the Saudi Arabian government has as major say in who appears.

That has led to the likes of Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels working the events. The most recent show was Super ShowDown in June, where Undertaker defeated Goldberg in the main event. That match was criticized by fans as Goldberg suffered a concussion minutes into the bout and they were never able to bounce back.

In a report from the Wreslting Observer Newsletter, they noted how Goldberg was paid well into the seven figure range for one appearance. They continued how major names such as Michaels and Undertaker made similar amounts.

As seen on RAW, Goldberg is coming back at Sunday’s Summerslam to take on Dolph Ziggler. There are some that believe Goldberg will not do be done after SummerSlam and he will be used for major shows with top names from the past and present.

– Speaking of SummerSlam, do no expect to see The Usos there or anywhere in the Canadian area. While they were not booked in a match, both were set for an autograph signing. PWInsider noted how their recent issues with the law would have created a problem when trying to cross the United States – Canada border.

Their most recent trouble came in late July when Jimmy Uso was arrested in Florida for a DUI. Jey Usos was also charged with a DUI in 2018 and in February of this year, he got into a heated altercation with a police officer. WWE did not take action, only giving short statements about how the twin brothers are responsible for their own decisions.

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