Firas Zahabi Calls Conor McGregor a “Sorry Excuse For a Human Being”, Following Pub Incident

Plenty of people have blasted Conor McGregor, following a video which captured the star punching an elderly man, and you can add Firas Zahabi to that list.

Conor McGregor continues to take heat – understandably – for a video which recently surfaced that showed the star punching an elderly man in a Dublin pub. Case in point, famed Tristar coach Firas Zahabi has trashed the Irish star in a YouTube podcast.

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McGregor’s latest incident

McGregor has been widely criticized for the incident, which reportedly occurred after the man refused to have a shot of the former champ’s whiskey, and words were exchanged. Not only have people blasted McGregor – one of the best fighters on the planet – for sucker-punching a man. But, questions have been raised about McGregor’s mindset, as earlier this year he smashed a man’s phone in Miami, and there was also the infamous incident at UFC 223.

Zahabi’s comments

Well, recently Zahabi responded to questions on YouTube, and here’s some of what he had to say about this latest incident involving McGregor (quotes via MMA Junkie):

“I don’t care what anybody says,” Zahabi said. “It is indefensible. There is no defense to this, except this guy is a pathetic, sorry excuse for a human being.

“What a disgusting display. I don’t care how much money you have, I don’t care how famous you are in the world. If this is the type of person you are, your value is zero. Your value is zero.”

“This is an embarrassment to MMA,” Zahabi said. “This is an embarrassment to us all. When the media or people from other sports say, ‘Oh, MMA people are animals. They’re savage, they’re violent, they’re the barbarians of sports.’ It’s going to be harder for us to defend.”

“I’m sure 99 percent of all Irish people who saw that are disgusted,” Zahabi added. “99 percent sure his coaching staff are disgusted. Everybody’s disgusted at this thing. He probably thought nobody was filming. We know that when nobody’s looking, McGregor will do the most disgusting acts. Those are his true colors.

Yup. Zahabi isn’t the only person who’s made comments like this since the video surfaced. It’s certainly not a good look for the sport.

It should be noted that recently McGregor apologized for his actions and he also said he’ll accept any repercussions he receives as a result of what transpired. But, his apology likely won’t change the minds of his biggest critics.

McGregor hasn’t fought now since October, 2018, when he was submitted by Khabib Nurmagomedov in the fourth round. The former lightweight champ’s last win was back in 2016, when he stopped Eddie Alvarez. McGregor has said that he could fight before the year is up.

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