Dog the Bounty Hunter Sends Message to Thief Who Stole Beth’s Things

Dog makes last-ditch plea to get Beth's things back. The next step won't be so pleasant.

Last week, we reported that Duane “Dog” Chapman, aka Dog The Bounty Hunter, was offering a cash reward for information on the thief who had stolen personal items of his late wife Beth Chapman, who passed away back in June. Now, Dog has held a press conference in which he sent a brutal message to the thief.

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“Well, it’s important for me to be here because it was our building, it was actually my wife’s,” Dog said as he stood outside the Edgewater Police Department in Colorado. “My message to the guy is, if you turn yourself in within the next 48 hours, I will not press charges. I will try to get you probation, a job … ’cause me and you got a special connection now.”

If the thief decides to remain in hiding, however, Dog made it clear that things were not going to be pretty for him.

“If You Don’t, There Will Be No Mercy”

“But if you don’t, there will be no mercy,” he said, according to The Christian Post. “I am not OJ Simpson, so I’m not going to do this myself. … I’ve been across the nation, captured fugitives, and Colorado, especially this county, is one of the greatest, and some of the best cops in the country. They work overtime without getting paid, and they do a lot of stuff without getting paid.”

Dog and the Police

Dog went on to say that he trusts the local police department because God told him he should and that they already have “really good leads.”

“One thing I’m confident in is I believe a lot in the Bible and the Bible says, ‘When you steal from the dead that’s an unforgettable sin,” he explained. “So not only I and the police officers here are looking but so is God.”

The robbery has been especially significant because a lot of Beth’s items are “missing.” She passed away on June 26 at the age of 51 after a long battle with cancer, and her death has been particularly hard on Dog.

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“I’ve trusted these cops for 35 years, and I keep hearing God tell me, ‘Put your faith in the cops and don’t do nothing yourself,'” Dog concluded. “So thank you all very much, love you all very much.”

For someone to sink so low as to steal the personal items of a woman who only recently passed away as her family still grieves for her is truly despicable. We can only hope that whoever did this is caught soon and swiftly brought to justice.

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