Kristy Swanson, best known for playing the title character in the movie Buffy The Vampire Slayer, just told former “Glee” star Patrick Gallagher to go back to Canada after he slammed supporters of President Donald Trump.

Fox News reported that it all started when Gallagher posted a video that has since been deleted showing two women wearing “Make America Great Again” hats and singing a song about Trump’s leadership. The actor captioned the video by saying this type of thing is “why people laugh at America.”

Buffy the Trump Supporter

Swanson, a proud Trump supporter, fired back by blasting the Canadian-born actor for going after the two women.

“You are a Canadian making a living as an ‘actor’ in The United States Of America. If you’re so embarrassed by our Country that is putting food on your table, I’d be more than happy to purchase your 1 Way ticket back to America’s Hat,” Swanson tweeted to him.

Swanson’s followers quickly jumped onboard by mocking Gallagher, who responded by whining and deleting his tweet.

“Very classy sicking your troll army on me… Pathetic,” he tweeted. “Didn’t even bother to do the research..I’m an American citizen..typical troll with the ‘a…typical Trumpster class and thin skin.’”

Swanson, however, was not having any of it.

“My research was done and complete,” she fired back.

Gallagher and Swanson in Bad to the Bone

Things then got personal when Gallagher indicated that he did not like Swanson when they worked together on the 1997 film Bad to the Bone.

“You were a diva and rude when I worked with you… Looks like you haven’t changed gotten any more class,” he wrote.

“A film that was shot in Canada, in Toronto. You were a local Canadian hire & worked under a Canadian contract,” Swanson replied. “The movie was called ‘Bad To The Bone’ you played (trucker). Sorry to hear you thought I was a diva & rude in that scene.”

Swanson Gets Blocked

With nothing else to say, Gallagher blocked Swanson, which didn’t bother her at all.

“I simply stuck up for America with class while keeping a sense of humor about it,” she added. “If you want to play victim that you got trolled, that’s on you.”

It’s rare to see a star be so openly conservative and stick up for American values the way she did. Most Hollywood stars would agree with Gallagher and see it as “cool” or “woke” to bash our country, but not Swanson. If only more Hollywood stars would defend our great country the way she did.

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