Woman Clearly Not Disabled Takes Motorized Cart – Other Shoppers Aren’t Having It!

This happens far too often!

It’s so irritating to witness people hijacking parking spaces reserved for disabled people. In this modern age of entitlement, some people view laziness as a disability and believe that should qualify them to abuse the system. The TV show “What Would You Do?” created a situation like this at a grocery store and people’s reactions might shock you. This show goes undercover to show how people react when they aren’t being watched. In this scenario, the results are shocking.

The actress parked in a handicapped spot in front of the store and then walked to grab a motorized cart. She then asked people to get her items from the shelf. They were very agreeable to helping her. Strangely, she even told some people she is just tired and is not disabled. Most of these people still helped her.

It is grating on the nerves to think that someone would take a motorized cart reserved for people with limited mobility because they didn’t feel like walking. It is an incredibly selfish act, yet it happens constantly. When the show introduced another actress who actually needed the cart, then the other shoppers became more combative. They realized that laziness is not a disability and this woman’s selfishness greatly affected people in need.

When I encounter someone parking in a handicap spot when it is very clear they are breaking the law, I always speak up. I have been known to tell people, “Excuse me, you left your wheelchair in the car.” While everyone reacts differently, it has always been my character to stick up for people. That’s why the video below was a little hard to watch. Plenty of people enabled this mooch who was using services designated for disabled people. Thankfully, a grocery store hero shows up at the end and smacks everyone in the fact with some street justice!

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