Tommaso Ciampa Wants To Stay In NXT, Eric Bischoff’s WWE Start Date

Tommaso Ciampa is still recovering from neck surgery, but he apparently doesn't want to leave NXT. Also, Eric Bischoff didn't start with WWE at SmackDown.

– Arguably the greatest feud in NXT history was Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano. They went from tag teams champions as DIY to bitter enemies. During the feud, they traded wins and were set to battle at Takeover New York. 

Due to Ciampa needing neck surgery, that match was changed as Adam Cole entered the fray. At the same time Ciampa and Gargano were tearing each other part, the two were called up to the main roster and successfully teamed together. All those plans changed once Ciampa went under the knife. 

Right now, Gargano remains in NXT has he tries to become a two time world champion. As for Ciampa, he spoke to Sports Illustrated about his future.

“I don’t know if people think I’m going to Raw or SmackDown, but here’s a spoiler– I’m not,” said Ciampa. “I’m going to NXT. If somebody tries to tell me anything else, I’m answering them with a no.”

At the end of the day, Vince McMahon makes the final decision of who gets called up to the main roster and their spot. Seeing how Ciampa was one of the most hated wrestlers at the time of his injury, sticking around NXT might be for the best. It just seems like Ciampa and Gargano can get a better run on the NXT brand.

– Eric Bischoff was not on-hand for yesterday’s SmackDown, despite reports that he would start his new role as Executive Director following Extreme Rules. Fightful Select reports that Bischoff will begin his new role next week. As for now, the former WCW President is still familiarizing himself with the current WWE product. 

As noted earlier in the month, Heyman and Bischoff now have a large say in what happens on RAW and SmackDown. Heyman will be responsible for RAW, while Bischoff looks over SmackDown. At the end of the day, both still answers to Vince McMahon; who is hard at work preparing fo the relaunch of the XFL.

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