Eddie Murphy stand up
Eddie Murphy stand up

Comedian Eddie Murphy has been out of the spotlight for a while. His brand of comedy wouldn’t fit well with today’s sensitive feelings. But, he’s back and fans are thrilled. Murphy is a guest on Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

Eddie Murphy’s Politically Incorrect Comedy

Political correctness has waged war on comedy. Murphy is an equal opportunity offender and that can get an entertainer into trouble these days. The “Saturday Night Live” alum’s routine from the 1980s and 1990s certainly would encounter protests from the left today. But, he wants his fans to know that he’s coming back to the stage anyhow.

Jerry Seinfeld’s show is the perfect place for this welcome news to be announced. The two comics began their stand-up career in the same comedy club back in 1976. They have a long history together and Seinfeld has been cheering for Murphy during his absence on the stage. Seinfeld has been vocal about his opposition to political correctness in comedy. He doesn’t believe that comedy should be sanitized for the sake of sparing people’s feelings. Funny is funny, even if it offends someone in a protected class.

Murphy admitted to Seinfeld that he is planning a return to stand-up comedy. This is news that is sure to excite a lot of people, including Jerry Seinfeld.

“You’ve got to start all over again,” Murphy told Seinfeld on the Netflix show in the video below. “We’re talking about a lot of rust. Actually, I think I would be like a fish to water; it’s who I am.”

It doesn’t appear that we will have to wait long to see Eddie Murphy’s return to stand-up comedy. TMZ is reporting that he is firming up a $70 million deal with Netflix. This is sure to drive the political correctness police insane.

A video clip from Eddie Murphy’s stand-up days can be seen below. Only people who can tolerate actual comedy should watch it.

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