Lucille Ball’s Daughter Reveals Secrets About Her Mom’s Marriage to Desi Arnaz

Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz
Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz

Lucie Arnaz, the daughter of “I Love Lucy” stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, has just come forward to open up about her legendary parents’ marriage and divorce.

Fox News reported that Lucie said that despite divorcing, her parents adored each other until the very end of their lives.

“They had a great divorce,” she explained. “They had a very successful divorce. It was fantastic.”

“If their parents can’t get along and that happens, then kids should be so lucky to have a divorce like my mom and dad because they were kind,” Lucie continued. “They never said bad words about each other and they stayed friends until the day they died. It was a fantastic romance that got even more passionate and friendlier after they were not married to each other anymore.”

Ball and Arnaz first met on the set of the 1940 movie “Too Many Girls,” and they got married the very next year. They starred together on the hugely popular sitcom “I Love Lucy” throughout the 1950s, but they ended up deciding to divorce in 1960.

“They just knew that it wasn’t working for them to stay married and that was sad,” Lucie said. “But once they decided to stop, everything got much easier for everybody. We spent all of our weekends and summers with my dad and my mother for the rest of the time. But they were very pleasant with each other about visitation and who got to go with who and when. There was never a moment of animosity after that at all.”

Lucy And Desi Always Got Along

Lucie went on to bring up a documentary she produced about her parents called “Lucy and Desi: A Home Movie,” where viewers can see Ball and Arnaz enjoying some time in the swimming pool with her son Simon.

“The way they are with each other, the way they treat one another in the pool is so charming and you’d think they were the oldest married couple in Hollywood,” Lucie said. “They hadn’t been married to each other for 20-something years, but it’s charming…. There was such passion in that marriage that it could have gone either way. But it was a good thing that they were together; they created a lot of good stuff together.”

It’s important for the children that parents remain civil to one another after splitting. I’m glad to hear Lucy and Desi set that example for their children.