Camera Crew Miraculously Present for Yet Another 24/7 Championship Defense

In the latest of a staggering series of coincidences that seem to defy all known laws of probability, a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) just happened to be nearby and ready to film when a challenger attacked champion Drake Maverick.

Despite the ever-present possibility that a championship bout could erupt anytime and anywhere — provided a WWE referee is present, which itself happens with unlikely regularity — the title has amazingly never been contested without a fully equipped camera operator, sound engineer and producer on hand.

Luckily for WWE fans, a camera crew just happened to be playing hopscotch in this parking lot when a match broke out.

Just last night, when Drake Maverick was celebrating his birthday with friends at a Tampa-area Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant, R-Truth leaped from the shoulders of an animatronic mouse to nail Maverick with a flying cross body.

Astoundingly, a WWE broadcast crew — cameraman Todd McClutcheon, soundman Abdul Shreeve, and producer Peter Gruner — were sharing a cheese pizza at a nearby table and sprung into action to catch the impromptu bout on film.

Against astronomical odds, the camera crew has also coincidentally been present in arena parking lots, at a wedding, on a golf course, and on an international flight (on which filming is typically prohibited, but they received an exemption for some reason despite the complete lack of advance planning).

Sources are telling Kayfabe News that, at this very moment, Maverick is again defending the championship at an appointment with his urologist, but thankfully a camera crew was reportedly already on the scene.

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