Braun Strowman Injury Update, Paul Heyman’s “Fingerprints” On RAW

What's Braun Strowman's status after that huge plummet into RAW's entrances ramp incident last night? And, how much of role did Paul Heyman play last night?

Monday Night RAW certainly had a very different and positive feel to it last night, and it all started off with a very huge bang when Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman took a huge plummet through WWE’s entrance area, and fans witnessed their first pyro on RAW since what seems like forever; not to mention announcer Corey Graves’ “holy $h!t” slip up.

While both men headed to the local medical facility, suffering storyline-related injuries, Dave Meltzer relayed recently on his Wrestling Observer Radio program that Strowman could be out of action for a little while. It was noted on-air that he had a busted spleen, and while that may not be the case in real-life, Strowman has been a little banged up lately, working through a minor knee injury as it is, and could be taking a breather from in-ring competition. Regardless, a ruptured spleen needs time to heel, so if the WWE wants to stay true to its storylines, fans should gear up for no Braun for a while. Perhaps, Paul Heyman can help re-organize a solid booking strategy for the “Monster Among Men”.

– Speaking of, as noted above, let’s talk about the elephant in the room today, which was the fact that last night’s RAW was far better than what the WWE Universe has seen in a very long while. With Brock Lesnar’s Advocate officially running the Red brand show now, it seems we are welcoming a new era on RAW; something that is refreshing familiar, but also highly entertaining (for once).


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Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer talked about Heyman’s influence on last night’s show, stating Paul’s “fingerprints” were all over the episode. In fact, Meltzer noted that while this was his first show, and he is probably easing into the role, most of the stuff last night potentially went through Heyman, and there was a ton of typical “Paul” stuff that reflected off of the program.

Yes, there were some duller segments on last night’s episode; however, overall the show was a huge hit, and a nice, pleasant surprise for WWE fans.

Here’s hoping that tonight’s SmackDown LIVE is equally as impressive.

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