taya kyle book
taya kyle book

It’s been six years since “American Sniper” Chris Kyle was tragically shot dead at a gun range at the age of 38. Now, as she promotes her new book “American Spirit: Profiles in Resilience, Courage, and Faith,” his wife Taya Kyle is opening up about how she dealt with her husband’s untimely passing.

During an interview with Fox News, Taya was asked how her family is doing today.

“We’re great,” she replied. “I see in my kids that their difficulty and struggle have turned into strength. Our perspective on the world is different. We know what a really bad day is like. We know what’s worth getting upset about. We’re pretty clear on things that are not in our control and how to weather those storms. We laugh a lot, we’re really close and we’re really, really grateful for what we do have. Maybe even more so because we realized you can lose it any day. So it’s best to appreciate what you have today.”

Taya Kyle’s Christian Faith

Taya was then asked what role her Christian faith played in helping her to get through the dark times.

“When I look back, I believe the reason I’m still here is my faith in God and what he’s shown me over time. Whether the people in these stories are agnostic or have a different faith, to me, I see God. I see God in their story,” she explained. “I think he’s working in everyone’s life, everyone’s struggle. And I think the more you lean into him, ask him for help and have a relationship with him, the more you get these really extraordinary blessings and answers back. So my faith increased with my need for help and support… He knew someone would use their free will for evil and he prepared me ahead of time. He stayed with me during it and he stayed with me afterward, like a good parent who knows their child has to have an amputation.”

“I had started leaning into my faith long before Chris was killed,” Taya continued. “I did it when I was afraid of when he was deployed. I would ask God to take my fear and he would. It was a journey. But in those moments when I needed relief, I got it. I saw how I was stronger than I thought. Everything that I was faced with, that I thought would end me, didn’t. I really did build up a sense of resiliency and endurance with his help. So when the biggest thing came, I just didn’t have any doubt that God would be there for me through it. I learned on such a deeper level how much more he could do than I ever thought possible. I thought my faith was strong, but it got so much stronger in the aftermath of Chris’ death.”

Chris was an American hero who is dearly missed to this day, and we can only imagine how difficult this has all been for his family. We’re glad to see that Taya is staying strong and that her Christian faith has been something that she has been able to draw strength from her. God bless her and the entire Kyle family!

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