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5 WWE Superstars Who Could Help Usher In A Non-PG Era

There’s no doubt in WWE fans’ mind that the company is currently shifting its television programming and pay-per-views (PPV) right now [1], offering some edgier content. From Corey Graves’ “holy $h!t” comment on Monday Night RAW some weeks back, to Kofi Kingston flipping the bird (while it was not fully shown), to some minor curse words here and there; the brand is slowly trying to cross that invisible PG line, and these are some great starting points.

Having said that, as the WWE decides to continue to push that proverbial non-PG envelope, below are some superstars that could help them along the way.

Becky Lynch

As the female “Stone Cold” Steve Austin of our generation, The Man rose to popularity thanks to her no-nonsense and aggressive and confident new gimmick. Having said that, Becks could get far edgier if she really tapped into her Lynch 3:16 attitude. She needs some swear words in her RAW promos [2] and matches.

Bray Wyatt

Hands down, Wyatt could help usher in a non-PG era with his creepy (and dual) persona. He’s already ruffled some parental feathers with the Firefly Funhouse, although most would agree that the entire gimmick is a huge hit. Between his Funhouse host, who is unsettling at best, and the Fiend, expect Wyatt to cross many lines when he fully dives into in-ring action.


Aleister Black

Rather new to the main roster, Black has non-PG era tattooed all over his face. He’s also got the attitude to back it up.


Kevin Owens

Filled with rage now over the man (Shane McMahon, that is) trying to keep him and other superstars down by hogging television and PPV time, his promo on the July 9th edition of SmackDown LIVE [3] had aggression era written all over it. Screaming on mics [4], not taking “no” for an answer, beating up Dolph Ziggler in a parking lot, and standing atop the announcers’ table had fans excited, and blowing up their Twitter apps. Simply put, it was everything.



Shayna Baszler

Yes, she in NXT (for now), but Baszler has a very unique gimmick in developmental and one that would fit in perfectly for a non-PG era on the main roster. She’s a bully, but not the type fans have been used to seeing from a female superstar. Women bullies have often looked like Barbie dolls, mocking other women for not being “pretty” or “cool” enough. Baszler’s character could care less about fitting in or ensuring her makeup matches her outfit, and her pent-up anger and hostility is usually relayed to opponents in the form of violence, power, and control. She doesn’t want to look like Barbie, but she sure wouldn’t mind beating the crap out of anyone who does.