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24/7 Title Growing Importance + SmackDown On Fox + Becky Lynch Over Again

-It’s been hard to miss the spectacle and sometimes utter chaos that is the 24/7 Championship. [1]

While it got a lot of interesting reactions when it was introduced [2]-why did WWE need another belt? Why was this belt so hideous?-the title has actually worked out well for the most part. It’s given WWE a means to get mid-card wrestlers engaged and, at times, provide some comic relief as well.

Per Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer [3], we can expect more out of this new championship moving forward.

While no one is expecting it to be seen on the same level as any of the core singles championships, it will be interesting to see what happens with it moving forward-especially as it seems the brand split will be re-established and the wild card rule is going to die off.

-Part of the reason for the wild card dying off [4] is apparently driven by the move of SmackDown to Fox this October. It makes sense, opposing networks don’t want to necessarily help each other out.

Something else is rumored to be changing when the blue brand hits Fox, and it has nothing to do with titles or roster.

WrestleVotes is indicating that, once SmackDown arrives on Fox, fans can expect a more movie-like presentation. This change would be due in part to new cameras that are planned to be used.

This will be interesting to see, in terms of how it looks and how it helps or changes how the shows are presented.

-We earlier reported how WWE is struggling to make Seth Rollins seem cool. It also seems that they are scrambling to re-capture the magic of The Man’s initial run up to becoming Becky Two Belts.

It does seem as though she’s lost a bit of momentum lately. Whether that is because the shine is wearing off, or she’s lost one of the belts, or her opponents haven’t helped (or, anything else for that matter) is unclear. Considering how hot she was heading into WrestleMania, it’s no surprise WWE would want to rekindle that.