Watch Anderson Silva’s Son Gabriel go to Work in Muay Thai Debut

Recently Anderson Silva posted footage of his son Gabriel's Muay Thai debut, which saw the latter score a TKO win.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Gabriel Silva, in terms of a fighting career, but the son of the legendary Anderson Silva is off to a good start.

The Brazilian star’s son competed at a recent WCK event in California, and as you can see by watching the video below, Gabriel scored a couple of knockdowns.

According to a follow up report from MMA Fighting, Anderson had this to say about his son, who won the the fight via TKO.

“I’m very proud. I saw a lot of me in you today. I’m happy, and think that the certainty that I can really stop really is closer. Love you, my son. Bad Boys.”

Gabriel will undoubtedly have a lot of eyes following his combat sports career, if he decides to go that route. In terms of Anderson, it’s still not clear what’s next for the former UFC champ, following his loss to Jared Cannonier last month. The comments above could indicate that retirement is near.

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