Stomping Grounds shaping up to be 19th best WWE pay-per-view of 2019

Buzz is building around WWE's Stomping Grounds event; most sports-entertainment pundits predict it will be in the top-20 WWE pay-per-views this year.

Buzz is building around WWE’s upcoming Stomping Grounds event, and most sports-entertainment pundits are predicting it will be in the top-20 WWE pay-per-views of this calendar year.

Although it may not measure up to Extreme Rules or even NXT: TakEovER: TOronTo, Stomping Grounds promises to be a WWE pay-per-view happening this year.

With a main event of [NOTE TO SELF: GOOGLE THE MAIN EVENT AND ADD IT HERE BEFORE PUBLISHING], and a [INSERT GIMMICK] match between [WOMEN’S CHAMPION] and [WOMEN’S CHAMPION’S RIVAL], Stomping Grounds promises to be a ring-a-ding-dong dandy!

wwe stomping grounds
WWE’s Stomping Grounds promises to be a thing that happens at some point!

Although Stomping Grounds may not garner as large a viewership as WrestleMania or Extreme Money in a Chamber, it will surely draw a bigger audience than last night’s non-televised house show in Kitchener, Ontario.

The biggest draw of Stomping Grounds, of course, is the much-anticipated showdown between [FORMER INDY DARLING] and [INCESSANTLY PUSHED MUSCLEMAN], which will determine who becomes general manager of [BRAND].

Will [FORMER INDY DARLING] overcome the odds stacked against him by WWE’s ruling authority figure, or will [INSERT MCMAHON FAMILY MEMBER] finally crush the underdog for good?

To find out, tune into WWE Stomping Grounds on [GOOGLE DATE AND ADD IT — DON’T FORGET TO DO REPLACE THESE PARENTHETICAL PLACEHOLDERS BEFORE PUBLISHING!], which promises to be almost as amazing as the recent Super ShowDown in [REDACTED].

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