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Ringside Regulars Embark on Long Journey to Saudi Arabia

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is hosting a landmark event in exotic Saudi Arabia this Friday, which means an exhausting journey is ahead for the same half-dozen people who are evidently required to sit in the front row of every WWE event.

The fans — Green Shirt Guy, Long-Haired Simon and Mum, Brock Lesnar Guy, and other ringside mainstays — are expected to sit opposite the so-called “hard camera” to ensure they are visible throughout The Greatestest SuperDuper ShowDown in a country WWE commentators refuse to say aloud.

wwe fans front row
Simon, better known as “Peter Steele Guy,” watches his 7,310th WWE live event in the front row his his companion, Stunt Granny.

While they typically enjoy their regular front-row tradition in arenas around North America, the regulars are reportedly dreading the long air travel, jetlag, and expense of their journey to Jeddah.¬†With the $1,200 flight, $3,000-a-night hotel room, and $74,999.99 ringside tickets, the fans are worried they may need to cut back on travel in the coming months — possibly even missing a SmackDown here or there.

But the expense and arduous travel to Saudi Arabia will be “worth it,” says Long-Haired Simon, because “these are the sacrifices we have to make to become stars in this business.”

The ringside regulars are looking forward to having the best seat in the house to watch Triple H face Randy Orton for the 4,724th time.