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Possible Extreme Rules Main Event + Possible Change To WWE TV

-As soon as Lacey Evans was announced as Baron Corbin’s [1] unconventional special referee, anyone could suspect that Becky Lynch would get involved.

Fans were not disappointed. The RAW Women’s Champion intervened [2] once Evans declared the match was a no disqualifications affair. Once Evans delivered a low blow to the Universal Champion, Lynch stormed down to the ring and obliterated the shoddy official.

With a real WWE official in the ring, Rollins scored the pin and retained [3].

With the events of last night still fresh, multiple outlets are expecting that the main event for Extreme Rules will be a mixed tag team match. The interesting twist that is suspected is that in some way, shape or form, both championship belts would be on the line during the match.

While fan reaction to Baron Corbin in the main event was decidedly luke warm, there is no denying that such main event exposure for both he and Lacey Evans should help those two develop into possible top tier heels.

-In other WWE news, much has been written about some recent changes to WWE television [4]. It was said last week that Vince McMahon issued a new declaration prior to RAW last week, that no longer will we see (or rather, not see) wrestling during commercial breaks.

I do not know why this move took them this long, but it’s been something I’ve complained about for as long as I’ve had a chance to do so.

The change is one reason why we had the 2 out of 3 falls matches last week.

Now, PWInsider is reporting [5] that it is possible that WWE might even consider emulating sports like MMA and boxing and institute rounds.

The reasoning for things is sound-fans don’t want to miss something because we cut to a commercial. While the matches are scripted and you’d think WWE could plan around things a bit as well.

It would be very interesting to see fan reaction to WWE instituting rounds for matches.