More Details Revealed About Doris Day’s Heartbreaking Final Days

Doris' sad story is a painful reminder that nothing is truly what it seems from the outside.

Last month, Hollywood legend Doris Day passed away at the age of 97. Now, the sad details of the final days of her life have been revealed, and they are leaving her fans completely heartbroken.

Fox News reported that those close to Day have said that the final years of her life were incredibly lonely for her.

“Doris spent most of her last 10 years in her bedroom or the kitchen,” a former employee said. “She barely used the rest of the house . . . She would only want to talk about [her] dogs or hear about what fan mail she had.”

Mike DeVita was a superfan of Day for over 60 years, and he spent years exchanging letters with the star. He just revealed that he got his last letter from Day back in April.

“Doris was very trusting. She was manipulated all her life, usually by her husbands,” he said. “She was looking for the father she never had with her husbands — and even Bob.”

Bob Bashara was Day’s longtime manager, who allegedly banned her grandson, Ryan Melcher, from seeing her for over 15 years. DeVita went on to say that Day went through a lot of difficult experiences in life. These tough experiences included finding out that her father was having an affair with the mother of her best friend when she was only 10, and being physically beaten by her first husband.

“People think, because of Doris’ movies, she was always happy-go-lucky,” DeVita said. “She had a lot of tragedy.”

Carol Johnson, a longtime friend of Day’s, remembers that they were once discussing the Hollywood star’s many failed romances.

“One day we were talking about her husbands, and she said, ‘Boy, I know how to pick ’em, don’t I?’ ” Johnson remembered. “She [originally] thought being married was the way to live, but said ‘it was so confined.’”

In the end, Day spent the last years of her life communicating only with fans and the people who worked for her.

“She had six or seven close friends, who, for the most part, were still there when she died,” DeVita said. “But the fans became the family she never really had.”

Doris’ sad story is a painful reminder that nothing is truly what it seems from the outside. While it’s difficult to hear that Day’s final years were filled with so much loneliness, we can all take solace in the fact that she is at peace now. God bless you, Doris Day, and may you rest in peace.

Enjoy Doris at her best in this cheery clip of her singing “Windy City” in Calamity Jane!

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