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Lesnar Reportedly Planning Full “Gangnam Style” Dance for Tonight’s Raw

Professional sports entertainer and renowned feminist poet Brock Lesnar has revealed a more playful side to his personality in recent weeks, and according to backstage rumors he will fully come out of his shell tonight on WWE Raw with a meticulously rehearsed performance of the dance from 2012 K-pop hit Gangnam Style.

With his Money in the Bank briefcase held on his shoulder like a boom box (because nobody has the heart to tell him it is not a boom box), Lesnar has reportedly be horsey-hopping around his Saskatchewan ranch like Korean rapper PSY in preparation for tonight’s Raw.

Lesnar reportedly heard the song for the first time last weekend while bench-pressing a tractor and hasn’t stopped humming it since.

Brock gangnam
We here at Kayfabe News would like to extend our sincerest thanks to whomever we stole the cartoon Lesnar image from.

Lesnar shocked viewers last Monday when he performed a perfect “running man” dance popularized in the 1990s by MC Hammer, and audience members at a non-televised “house show” (one of hundreds Lesnar performs at each year) were flabbergasted when Lesnar performed the entire dance from Napoleon Dynamite last night.

Although Lesnar is best known as a fearsome sports-entertainer (and a “heel” in the rigged “sport” of mixed martial arts), most fans do not realize that he was classically trained at the Joffrey Ballet School, and spent several years in the Moscow Ballet Company.

Lesnar is reportedly retiring from the ring at the end of his current WWE contract, and will focus his time teaching ballroom dancing to inner-city youth.