Henry Cejudo

For the longest time, the men’s flyweight division was like a black hole of fan interest. So when the long-standing champ Demetrious Johnson was finally usurped, the wheels were put in motion to get rid of the 125-pound weight class. All that stood in the way was the new champ, Henry Cejudo. That’s when the UFC sent bantamweight champ TJ Dillashaw down to carry out the assassination.

Cejudo destroyed him in seconds, and at UFC 238, the Olympic wrestler took on Marlon Moraes for the vacant bantamweight belt.

Guess who once again thwarted the UFC’s nefarious plans?

At first, Moraes seemed like he might be too much. His Muay Thai is some of the fiercest in all of the UFC, and Cejudo was struggling to keep up.

But then it seemed like Cejudo had him figured out (or maybe Moraes was worn out), because in Round 2 the Brazilian was eating knees like they were the breakfast of champions.

Things got even uglier for him in the third, with Cejudo wrestling him to death. The end via TKO came in the waning seconds of the round, with Cejudo hammerfisting Moraes into oblivion.

So yeah, Cejudo is now a two-division champ. And he’s proven to be exciting as hell. I guess the flyweights are staying around a while longer…?

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