Fans Horrified With The Thought Of Shane McMahon Becoming Champion

A rumor currently going around points to Shane McMahon taking the title from Kofi Kingston in the nearby future. Obviously, this leaves fans shocked!

Shane McMahon has been pushed in recent months, but it does leave fans wondering why. A source who spoke to Wrestlevotes seems to have the answer, indicating that Shane might be the one to take the WWE championship from Kofi Kingston. Naturally, this claim has many fans horrified.

Will Shane McMahon Dethrone Kofi Kingston?

Shane McMahon

The possibility that “The Best In The World” could be going against Kofi Kingston is actually quite high. Set aside the rumor for a minute, and you will see that Shane is actually the most established heel on the SmackDown brand. When it comes to big matches, possibly Summerslam, it could be Kofi versus Shane. Whether or not he takes that title remains to be seen.

Fan Response

It does not need to be said that fan response to this rumor was not that great. In fact, many believe that the potential match shows some resemblance to WCW 2000. Others point out that this match is a prime example of everything that is wrong with the WWE. Here are some of the most notable reactions from twitter.

As you can see from the reactions from fans, there are many theories floating out there if this feud should happen. One fan pointed out that it could be an elaborate ploy to make Roman Reigns the “hero”, and it is certainly not a bad theory if you look at the WWE’s track record.

Another theory is that the company is making Shane a top heel to face CM Punk. If this were to be the case, it would have been a better setup than I could have ever given the WWE credit for. However, a return for CM Punk to the company he hates is very unlikely. But you never know, the money could be really good for Punk. CM Punk has also shown up in the indies lately, so he may be considering a more permanent return to wrestling.

Some fans are not surprised by the potential storyline and have already made their mind up in the war between the WWE and AEW. AEW already has Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho, and now many former WWE fans who are making the switch. If this rivalry occurs, I wonder how much it would damage the brand.

Even though some fans may not agree with me, I actually like Shane as a heel and the whole “Best in the World” gimmick. I think he is a larger than life character and deserves the attention he is getting. Just remember, this is a man who does some amazing stuff during pay-per-views with zero interest in his own body. Of course, I do love Kofi Kingston as champion, so I would rather see him continue the rivalry with Miz, which has frankly been amazing to watch.

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